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pipe quench boiler recently by experts
2012-08-23 by seoer2

Black businesses outside the recovery portion of the heat addition to the air preheater, the waste heat boiler and the oil preheater, usually rely on the carbon black to the water spray to cool the carbon black within the reactor flue gas flue gas, in order to achieve the termination generated The purpose of the carbon black reaction and solar power air conditioners the flue gas. So that not only a lot of heat with the flue gas by water vapor is taken away, but also increases the amount of smoke increases the conveyance apparatus and the power consumption of the subsequent device, reducing the heat value of the black exhaust tail gas can not be fully utilized. In fact, before the reactor and air preheater, there is a great part of the energy. In the absence of mature technology, this part of the energy can not be utilized.

    Qingdao Degussa special machinery manufacturing company chairman Weizhen Wen said, the company developed quench boiler to full recovery of waste heat. Specifically, carbon black flue gas after the casing quench boiler, the temperature dropped from 13 degrees Celsius to 950 degrees Celsius, and at reduced temperature, the exchange out of the energy is converted into low-pressure steam. "Waste heat" make full use of resources, not only can become a secondary product - steam, for heating or dyeing enterprises, and direct sales.

    The Wei Zhenwen an annual output of 20,000 tons of carbon black production line, for example, through the addition of the quench boiler equipment, the annual increase steam income of 6.4 million, only 1 million of the cost of the device, two months can recover the cost. First quench boiler Shanxi Hengda Chemical Co., Ltd. has been put into use in July of this year, the normal operation of more than three months. Previously Hengda for cooling purposes 5-6 tons of water per hour is injected into the amount of water spray less than 1 ton. Moreover, 4 tons of steam per hour can produce. The steam is sold to other companies around the price of 200 yuan per ton.

    It is understood that the pipe quench solar heating water projects Qingdao Degussa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in cooperation with the United States GANPADS research and development projects. From the project in 2009 to design, manufacture, site installation lasted 12 months. Degussa special professional manufacturers of large-scale chemical industry, power plants, metallurgical equipment manufacturing, has the national three types of pressure vessels R & D and manufacturing qualification, by French BVISO9001 quality system certification, and power boiler and pressure vessel qualification certification.