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Absorption of solar heating and cooling technology can achieve the refrigerator Zero Energy
2012-08-23 by seoer2

Adsorption solar refrigerator the technical principles Specifically, the work process by thermal desorption and cooling adsorption, the basic cycle is the use of solar heat source, so that the adsorption of the working medium is desorbed state, emit a high-temperature high-pressure refrigerant gas, the refrigerant enters a condenser, the solar powered garden lighting liquid condensed out by cutting into the evaporator. When the the adsorption working fluid is cooled, the adsorption working in the adsorbed state, the adsorption of the refrigerant from the evaporator. Refrigerant evaporates absorbing heat, a cooling effect, evaporated out of the refrigerant gas into the adsorption layer, thus completing a process of adsorption refrigeration cycle. By this process, the adsorption layer plays the role equivalent to the role of the refrigerator compressor.

Xiao Jianyong also pointed out that the technical difficulties of the adsorption solar refrigerator is subject to solar heat source. The illumination is an important parameter to consider R & D needs. Solve this technical difficulty, from the perspective of system design, including the adsorbent, the refrigerant of choice, the design of solar collectors, the design of the adsorbent bed, refrigeration process technology to solve this problem.

As a new technology, in research and development in the need to solve a lot of solar powered air conditioner problems, so take some time. "Due to the intervention of the enterprise, will accelerate the development of solar heating and cooling technology, expected in 2011 can be seen in the prototype." Xiao Jianyong said.