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solar: Flat water heater began to replace vacuum tube
2012-08-27 by seoer2

Reporter learned that most of the flat plate solar water heater currently on the market have solar powered garden lighting EU standards. Example, "Yayun" The product uses the fourth generation of the world's most advanced and efficient flat plate solar water heating systems, can withstand the impact of 0.6-meter-high free-fall of 1500 kg static load and 1040 g Ball, unit effective lighting the area increased vacuum tube solar able to raise more than 40% collector efficiency up to 80%, the service life of vacuum tube pressure product life times.

To experts, by optimizing the design of flat plate solar chinese solar water heater heater, to achieve a separation of harvesting, stand-alone installation of the various components, thermal storage tank can also be hidden in the basement, attic or stairwell solve the problem of the water, aesthetics, and load-bearing greatly to meet the requirements of solar energy and building integrated, and can be extended to more than 20 kinds of embedded, curtain wall, balcony wall mounted, floor-to-ceiling tiled Gallery Pavilion type and construction programs. "Because of these convenient, flat plate solar water heater for a showdown to become manufacturers can not avoid the encounter, which is a five-star water heater company in advance in hardware and software, to seize the commanding heights of the reason." Says the person in charge of the five-star water heater.