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Screw compressor flow hair
2012-09-06 by seoer2

With the popularization and promotion of heat pump technology in the refrigeration industry, as one of the core structure of the ground source heat pump refrigeration equipment screw compressor, but also conform to the trend of the development of low-carbon economy, and usher in a new round of development opportunities under. In recent years, the growth of our screw refrigeration compressor market demand quickly, screw refrigeration compressor downstream industries mainly commercial central air tube solar water heater industry and industrial refrigeration industry. With the current proposal of the concept of low-carbon and low-carbon economy came into being, the state, enterprises and individuals living and working environment of comfort, environmental protection, energy saving requirements and continuously improve, energy saving and environmental protection will usher in commercial central air conditioning The rapid development momentum. Central air conditioner industry statistics show that China's central air-conditioning market was a high-speed growth, the annual growth rate of 48%. Commercial central air-conditioning industry, led by real estate development, general merchandise warehousing and logistics, construction of large public buildings, demand continues strong, is expected to 2009-2012 the average annual growth rate of approximately 10% to 20% in the central air conditioner sales. The screw unit will therefore be actively developed area of ??central air-conditioning in the medium-sized 30RT-500RT screw compressors have been gradually replacing the piston compressor, occupy the market. As we all know, in recent years, the screw compressor, with its high reliability, operation and easy maintenance, good power balance, adaptability, good gas transmission capacity of regulatory advantages, quickly occupied the market of large capacity reciprocating compressor and continue to extend to medium-capacity market, widely used in the refrigeration unit on the freezing, refrigeration, air conditioning, and chemical process. Only there HVAC heating and cooling equipment of various types of air heat source type, type of water heat pump, heat recovery, ice storage type screw compressors needed. In the industrial sector, in order to save energy, but also screw heat pump for heat recovery. Screw compressor compared with other types of refrigeration compressors on the market, in the range of cooling capacity higher compared with totally enclosed piston compressor and scroll compressor mechanism hundreds or even nearly a thousand times; told mainly used for air-conditioning work conditions centrifugal chiller refrigeration compressor used for cold storage of open reciprocating refrigeration compressor, regardless of the condition of refrigeration or air conditioning, screw compressors are able to apply. It would appear that the screw compressor in the largest competitors in the market, is equally versatile semi-hermetic reciprocating refrigeration compressors, semi-hermetic reciprocating refrigeration compressor stand-alone cooling capacity 3KW-100KW range, refrigeration or air conditioning of the large range of operating conditions, must be connected to multiple machines in order to achieve the desired effect, while the cooling capacity of the screw compressors single 30KW-1500KW sufficient to meet various cooling range and are easy to adjust, that is, the screw compressor The application of the degree of market competitiveness, the purpose of similar products in the industry, can be said to be the most advantageous. The entire refrigeration industry refrigeration industry in China accounted for approximately 24%, although the proportion of less than about 40% of the mature markets of the international, but also shows that the market potential is high for the refrigeration industry, in particular, is a screw compressor. Screw compressors suitable for long-term operation of the characteristics of the 24 hours, and the continuous progress in the technology used in low-temperature systems, significantly improved its performance and efficiency, I believe that in the near future, in terms of the domestic market, has long been Europe and the United States and other developed countries cryogenic refrigeration system standard screw compressor certainly promising. Screw compressor industry is a technology-intensive industry, the production process is relatively complex, high machining accuracy requirements, product and technical updates difficulty will also increase accordingly, the sustainable development of enterprises both require a certain amount of R & D capabilities and technical reserves, also requires a certain accumulation of practical experience. Screw refrigeration compressor brand in the domestic market, Bitzer, Levin, Beverly is the representative of the foreign brands, screw compressor manufacturers through technology transfer, technical cooperation or independent research and development to improve the technological content of products The quality and performance, such as Han Zhong Fusheng domestic production screw compressor has also been in line with the international advanced level, to become the leader of China's own brand. Screw compressors and related businesses in the market promising premise, comply with the direction of the development of low-carbon energy in the refrigeration industry, for its own development and growth also reap a lot of space, and high-performance low-energy environmental protection screw compressor product is bound to be recognized by the market, and then to win the victory of the brutal solar water heating in the refrigeration industry, homeopathy and hair, was the city and win, this is a coming era of screw compressors in the low-carbon economy.