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Closed confined aquifer layer storage complex air conditioning system
2012-09-07 by seoer2

The closed confined aquifer with the the layer composite energy storage air conditioning system is a closed underground use of solar air conditioning system and atmospheric cold with layer confined aquifer energy storage composite air conditioning system. Summer cold well cold, cold water and cooling air conditioning system heat exchanger to extract further absorb solar energy, the temperature rises, winter thermal wells after filtration and purification and supply of water is poured into the geothermal wells stored for winter use; heat extraction of hot water and heating and air conditioning system heat exchanger, further absorption of atmospheric cold, lower the temperature, filtered and purified, plus makeup water back poured cold well stored for summer use, constitute a closed composite air-conditioning system. A system may be winter, summer, recycling, pollution-free, sustainable heating and air-home solar water heater. Moreover, the recharge line with the supply of water, making the recharge large amount of extracted amount, can effectively suppress ground subsidence. Has a significant economic and social benefits.