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Refrigeration system accessories
2012-09-09 by seoer2

 1, the solenoid valve of the liquid conduit
    The solenoid valve of the liquid conduit in the refrigeration system can be affected by a pressure relay, automatic control is formed of the pulse signal issued by the temperature relay. Compressor shut down, due to the effect of inertia and thermodynamic properties of Freon, Freon poured into the evaporator, the compressor is started again, the wet steam into the compressor suction caused by the wet-stroke, difficult to activate, serious when even valve piece break. Liquid line solenoid valve settings, so that this situation can be avoided, and still when the solenoid valve is divided into two parts the high and low pressure, low-pressure part of the lower pressure is lower than the opening value of the low-pressure controller. Therefore, the compressor is stopped. When the compressor start, the solenoid valve is turned on by the computer output signal when the valve is open, the high pressure quick release to the low-pressure compressor to start when low pressure to low pressure controller open value.
    2, as the liquid home solar water heater
    Sight glass in the refrigeration system in a refrigeration solenoid valve and filter drier name implies, it is used to observe the state of the liquid flow, based on how much air bubbles can be used as the the refrigerant injection volume reference, according to the sight glass color see that the moisture content.
    3, liquid pipeline dry filter:
    Typically, the the liquids pipelines dry filter is not removable. Internal use of the molecular sieve structure can be removed, the pipe small amount of impurities in the water, etc., and play the object of the purification system. Pipeline welding appears oxide, and flon refrigerant purity is also somewhat different, the drying filter clogging of the liquid pipe, will cause the suction pressure is reduced, the temperature difference will appear at both ends of the filter, such as this is kinds of situations, you need to replace the filter.
    4, the high and low pressure controller
    High and low pressure in the cooling system controller is the device to play a protective role. The pressure protection is the upper limit protection, when the high-pressure reaches the set value, the high-voltage controller is disconnected, the compressor contactor coil is released, the compressor is stopped, to avoid damage to parts running in an ultra-high pressure. The high-voltage protection is manually reset, when the compressor to start again, you need to press the reset button. Of course, restart the compressor before, you should check out the high pressure is too high, given excluded before the machine was operating normally.
    The low voltage protection is to prevent the protection apparatus of the refrigeration system is running under a low pressure set. Its setting is divided into high and low limits. Its control principle: low voltage disconnect value is the upper limit of the differential pressure value limit the reboot value is the upper limit. The low-voltage controller is automatically reset so frequently observed in the operation of the machine requires the operator to an alarm to timely treatment, avoid the compressor long time frequent start and stop affecting life.china solar water heater