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Identification of the compressor of old and new methods
2013-01-15 by seoer2

 1. The original machine production costs can not be second-hand goods market, refurbished, off the assembly line machines compared evacuated tube solar hot water 

    2. Fundamental operation the refrigeration maintenance are electrician, mechanic, etc., are often part of the personnel experience technical customs, however, few real certificates, even some not repair experience holder. The following four basic analysis of the refrigeration system are indispensable: A low pressure (compression ratio) B Refrigerant charge fluence C operation current D compressor superheat / 4 of a deviation in excess, will cause the compressor loss! If you use the original brand new machine, the operator can do all of the above points, use them to want it bad but also a few years!

    3. According to the terms of the warranty of the compressor, the original compressor are basically open cylinder detected warranty. There is only a few brands exist unconditional warranty! Such warranty law basically manufacturers pay to help some novice buyers to pay tuition. (Such as with large with small should retire, it also means that heat is not good retreat the compressor refrigeration bad should retire, compressor protection! Influent ruining compressor should retire, buy the wrong installed wrong also have to retire retire, phase loss, blockage should retire, do not install the operating knowledge of repair orders to engage supporting!) The reason why such warranty law a lot of buyers (not operating) but also to Many buyers harm likely to buy new products they buy a poor quality repair! (Returned to the factory for repairing) brand discount, the decline in the quality!

    4. Described above, many buyers also clear that the joint venture brand new machine compressor is not on sale warranty. If the warranty prices certainly sell high more than doubled. Because such production manufacturers have strong technology, advanced equipment, and several years of production experience, and the amount of days capacity a strict quality control. Do not exist in the production quality deviation! Warranty is there are several major reasons!
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