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air to water heaters whether the achievements of the king of the road
2013-01-16 by seoer2

Air to the water heater market threshold is very low, so regardless of the strength of the manufacturers or emerging small businesses weak, can enter the field of heat pump solar powered air conditioner heater, but the threshold is low does not mean that the other requirements are also low, high standard of technology and market sales maintenance requirements, many manufacturers are in fact very difficult to reach. Relative to the currently engaged in the heat pump plant, there is a lot of heat pump manufacturers in the production technology is immature. Production before did not like the enterprise of solar water heaters, air conditioning companies, boiler manufacturers, accessories manufacturers heat pumps, although basically mastered the production technology of the heat pump, heat pump manufacturing technology and production processes than professional manufacturers engaged in the heat pump production technology The maturity of the presence of a certain distance. There are even some hand workshops or purely by the OEM assembly and sell products business is more unusual. A really good product for a long period of research and development need to use a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. On the other hand, due to the intense competition in the market price, In order to ensure the survival of the enterprise in the heat pump industry, you have to have a profit. Faced with the pressure of the market price of the competition and business survival, part of the heat pump manufacturers including professional manufacturers to reduce production costs, and strive to maximize profits on the accessories of the heat pump units to cut corners, shoddy, so the heat pump the quality and performance of the unit far not achieve the desired results. For example: In winter, the heat pump unit is not capable of producing enough hot water, not cream minus ambient temperature unit of performance is more pronounced in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, serious heat pump units simply can not start, the user can only use water electric auxiliary heating. The beginning of 2008, a snowstorm is good evidence, many enterprises heat pump units are in a state of paralysis, only the machine but also the normal operation of a small number of enterprises, the "catastrophe" of this heat pump also eliminated a lot of small businesses, purification the heat pump market.
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