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The gas engine heat pump-driven air conditioning made
2013-01-22 by seoer2

With completely independent intellectual property rights of "natural gas air conditioning prototype has passed the acceptance. Plan in accordance with the Council, solar hot water tubes this year in the city to promote this gas feeding habits "air conditioning at least 150 units. According to reports, although some manufacturers at home and abroad have designed a direct-fired air-conditioning, but is less efficient, input 1 part of natural gas produces only 0.8 parts energy, and "bigger" can only be used for very large public places. Professor Huang Zhen by the motor engineering, vice president of National Chiao Tung University, Professor Gu Anzhong led the development of the natural gas air conditioning, a natural gas-fueled internal combustion engine driven heat pump system compressor, 1 kcal gas, produce up to 1.9 kilowatts of energy, energy efficiency extremely high. Placed within Jiaotong University, this prototype machine with ordinary air conditioning, engine and heat pump outside the machine is composed of a two meters high and 1 meter wide metal box. Professor Huang Zhen, power of 20 kW air-conditioned, to meet the housing needs of more than 600 square meters area. Summer, the indoor temperature should be reduced from 38 ℃ to 25 ℃, it ease; winter, it can easily temperature by -2 ℃ to 28 ℃, the greater the temperature difference, its efficiency is more able to reflect. Natural gas air conditioning not only save money, but also environmentally friendly. DR HUANG CHEN just T account, same time, natural gas-driven heat pump saves 23% energy than electric heat pump, take the electricity and gas were lower than the costs can save 13% to 20%; 1,000,000 kcal / hour of gas air conditioning compared to an electric air conditioning, refrigeration capacity than twice a year can reduce 16 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. In addition, the air conditioning will be able to launch at atmospheric pressure, not high pressure pipeline network, together with the the city residential natural gas pipeline has begun to take shape, the West-East natural gas, the East China Sea natural gas have been pass into the homes of ordinary people, it is particularly suitable for practical use of the area in a few hundred square meters to thousands of square meters of the villa, primary school, shops, hotels, theaters and other places. According to statistics, Shanghai maximum load of electricity in the summer of 2003 reached 13.616 million kilowatts last year, the figure reached more than 15 million kilowatts, of which more than 45% of the electricity load from the electric air conditioner, the proportion of over 40% in the winter. If switching to natural gas-driven air-conditioning, will greatly ease the pressure of power shortage in Junction City.solar powered water heater