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summer air-conditioning in five principles
2012-06-11 by seoer2

Installation of air conditioning do not at liberty to the following Xiaobian to introduce the five principles of installing air-conditioning in summer.

Pipeline installation Mo ignored

The air conditioning into the exhaust copper tube as the arteries to deliver blood circulation, does not allow any concave points, trachoma and other defects, otherwise it will make it not work properly. Its connection with indoor and outdoor unit interface is the key to air-conditioning installation. Copper tube of the trumpet connection to aim straight, direction and curvature to be reasonable, time compaction successful, the force should be just right, kept on a large easy to screw splitting, a small hammer will drain fluorine (International allow The leakage rate is 3 ‰ to 5 ‰). Air conditioning pipeline through brick, concrete structure when the casing, and shall take the appropriate insulation and support measures to prevent vibration or corrosion damage, and should be checked regularly. Connected to the pipeline should not be blocking the channel, generally through the ground, roof, otherwise the leak and electrical insulation measures should be taken.

Fully consider the spatial location and layout

Installation of air conditioning should take full account of spatial location and layout, airflow organization is reasonable, smooth. Here are the best place to avoid: flammable gas leak place or there is a strong corrosive gas environment; artificial electric and magnetic fields, the place of a direct role; easy to produce noise, vibrations (such as air conditioning security will be prominent on the balcony have a strong resonance, noise) in the bedroom below the window, across the window wall will greatly reduce the noise.

In addition, such as soot, sand, etc. are easily damaged air-conditioning, direct sunlight or extreme heat causes the china solar air conditioner is not cold. Shall be installed to avoid the above problems. The reach below the window, after cleaning, maintenance, air conditioning cover what is convenient.

How to install split type

Split air-conditioning sub-indoor unit and outdoor unit and a connecting tube of three parts. Prior to installation, we must first determine the installation location. Split air conditioner, for example: the general ground installation location of the indoor unit on the wall about 1.8 meters to facilitate the operation, to allow air circulation. The installation location of the outdoor unit and indoor unit should be as close as possible, so that the connecting pipe is as short as possible, the level of potential difference to be as small as possible, generally three to five meters, the largest not more than 15 meters. And as far as possible away from the neighbor's doors and windows and green plants, air-conditioning rated cooling capacity not greater than 4500W, with doors and windows distance of the opposite party shall not be less than 3 m; greater than 4500W, the distance should be more than 4 meters.

The air-conditioned indoor unit is installed in the north wall is better

Air Conditioner installation location to choose the north wall and east wall is better. In the northern hemisphere, air-conditioning installed in the north wall is better, the east wall, followed by as much as possible to avoid installation in the south wall and west wall. Because the south wall and west wall by the direct solar radiation for a long time. If the home or office south facades, air conditioner can only be mounted on the surface, should be taken to shade measures to prevent the sun is directly caused by device aging in solar air conditioning system.

To firmly hold the bracket of the air conditioning

Mounting surface of the air conditioning should be robust, with sufficient carrying capacity. Mounting surface of the old wall or roof of the building, you must have a solid brick, concrete, or its strength equivalent to the mounting surface. Hold up the air conditioning bracket should also pay attention to the quality of.