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Targeting solar energy
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China's environmental protection industry is accompanied by the development of the cause of environmental protection and gradually developed. In the 1990s, environmental issues have become increasingly prominent and continuous improvement of environmental laws and regulations and standards, continuous improvement of environmental protection has become an important content of China's sustainable development.
Chu Yu, frankly, clay brick tile in the firing Indeed, there are serious pollution problems, but more serious is that each year will consume a large amount of land resources. His rough calculations, the production of million bricks per 1.6 square meters of land, producing 100 million bricks covering the nearest 25 acres. Year after year, the state will lose a lot of land resources. At this point, Chu Yu root to show the meaning of guilt.
Chu Yu root know, the brick every year the output value of more than 1 million, but because of serious pollution is not a long-term career, he wanted to seek a new development way out as early as possible.
Holding the aspirations of Pathfinder, with the expectations of hope, from 2004 to 2006, two years, Chu Yu-root, repeatedly came to Shenzhen, visited dozens of projects. From Shenzhen, he found that the solar project, the state encourages the development of energy saving and environmental protection projects, and in the contemporary era will benefit future generations.
Through access to information and consulting with experts, Chu Yu-root learned that solar powered water heater energy is a renewable energy, with a broad, security and long-term characteristics, without transport, the inexhaustible supply of clean and green energy. So he decided to invest in solar energy industry.
However, he understood that the solar energy project development difficult, especially for private enterprise, talent and technology are the two most important problems in the development.
In order to find the solar vacuum tubes energy engineering and technical personnel, Chu Yu root around the military, and toured extensively all over Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. He had been to many technology companies, with dozens of scientific and technical personnel to discuss and eventually found a partner in Ningbo.
So, in 2008, Chu Yu-root closed down five brickworks investment of 8 million yuan, was formally established Hongyang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., in order to achieve a shift from labor-intensive enterprises to high-tech enterprises; by the energy consumption and polluting change to energy saving and environment-friendly enterprises.
Chu Yu-root R & D departments within the Yangtze Delta Region Institute in Tsinghua University, relying on the Institutes of solid scientific research strength, strong development and the development of solar energy products. He also recruited from all over the dozen majors, so that the knowledge structure of the company personnel, the overall quality would be enhanced.