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Zhenjiang first LED solar water heaters unveiled high-tech park
2012-06-27 by seoer2



(Reuters) - Recently, Zhenjiang Hi-tech Park Allray in front by five on the road, lit up the city's first LED solar power garden lights. These solar water heater is excellent optical, structural and circuit engineers the Allray company introduced the use of the advantages of high-power LED package, combined with high-power LEDs, energy saving and environmentally friendly solar water heater developed by two years.
It is understood that the field of scientific and technological research in the global chinese solar water heater, LED solar water heater technology (semiconductors, solar water heaters) has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, safe and reliable solar water heaters are more advantages than traditional light sources. According to statistics, China's urban roads solar water heater solar water heater, more than 15 million in recent years, the growth rate in more than 20%. The basis of this estimation, the use of LED solar water heater, the annual saving of more than 2 billion degrees.