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for condensing water heater energy saving and environmental protection received by the market
2012-07-24 by seoer2


    Recently, in a press conference presided over by the Shunde City, Guangdong Province and Technical Supervision, the domestic gas appliances manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong million and Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Macro Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. announced the formation of "Shunde twenty thousand domestic condensing gas water heater standard alliance to jointly develop and implement Shunde condensing domestic gas instantaneous water heater Union standards "(hereinafter referred to as the" Union Standard "). It is understood that this is the first condensing water heater production of local standards. A few days ago related to the interview with this reporter, the experts pointed out that the condensing solar powered indoor lights is a real energy-saving for household use water heaters also need to overcome some shortcomings of the product itself, but to spread in the market.
    Union standards explicitly require member companies must be in accordance with the provisions of the standard production of condensing water heater, and consciously accept the supervision and inspection of the relevant departments for the implementation of the standards and qualified products posted listed on the unified "Shunde Union standards, security label". Then, consumers can be straightforward to identify the authenticity of the condensing water heater.
    Blue Monk, secretary-general of the China National Hardware Association, do condensing gas water heater industry, not to mention saving and environmental protection. But a few years ago the focus of the work of the Chinese gas water heater is also largely revolves around the security problems of the implementation of strong gas water heater. Electricity shortage, shortage of oil and other energy shortages, energy saving and environmental protection has become the manufacturing sector an unavoidable topic, water heaters, energy saving and environmental protection issues have gradually concern for people.
    Quality inspection center of national gas appliances, executive deputy director Wang Qiwen said, the gas water heater, the combustion of high-temperature flue gas contains large amounts of water vapor. Condensing water heater compared with ordinary gas water heater, and more increased by a condensing heat exchanger, the exhaust gas temperature to reduce the large amount of water vapor condensing into liquid water, releasing the heat of vaporization, the recycling of the condensing heat exchanger, which a substantial increase in thermal efficiency. The forthcoming standard gas water heater's energy efficiency rating is divided into three: a highest energy efficiency requirements of the value of the thermal efficiency of not less than 96%, two of not less than 88%, three of not less than 84%. Condensing water heater to meet the requirements of an energy efficiency standard, energy saving effect is much higher than the average gas water heater, has been the hot products of the international market, but also the direction of development of efficient domestic water heaters.
    Although condensing water heater is still not perfect, but it is understood, at present domestic enterprises is committed to continuous improvement of technology, performance continues to increase and prices decreased. Industry experts believe that the introduction of the "Union standards", on the one hand, can cope with the temporary absence of national standards for the condensing solar powered air conditioner standards, to avoid unfair competition, to build a good environment of the industry to promote the healthy development of enterprises; the other hand, can formally introduced to accelerate the promotion of national standards to guide the domestic gas water heater to the full and accelerated the pace of technological upgrading, energy-efficient products as quickly as possible into the millions of households.