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temperature drop water heater frequency strike
2012-07-24 by seoer2

Water heaters with less than six months, suddenly liner to rupture, "stealing" bring disaster to the neighbors, such a thing is not uncommon. As the weather turns cold, the domestic solar water heater failure is the increasing number of users headaches.
Service water heater experts told reporters that for electric water heaters used for a period of time, the liner scaling, the heating tube aging, the water quantity is small range of issues, will be revealed. Especially magnesium rod inside the water heater, the original water purification role plays, dirty inside the water heater all adsorbed on the magnesium stick to the surface appear trachoma gradually lose performance, leading to the water heater leaks.
Gas chinese solar water heater used for a period of time, heat exchangers and the firing pin is prone to carbon deposition, blockage, if left untreated, will cause the water heater point is not on fire, fire, odor, and other various fault.
In addition, it will be cold, some families not yet adapted to over the doors and windows closed, the bath does not pay attention to ventilation, do not open the exhaust fan is apt to cause airflow poor security incidents. Once the water heater fails, must find a professional home maintenance personnel to repair, not to unauthorized disassembly, so as not to cause harm to personal safety.