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and the contest of the traditional water heater
2012-07-25 by seoer2

he biggest competitor faced by the solar water heater is not the same brand competition, but competition in the brand of gas and electric water heaters. Traditional energy saving water heaters also continued to emerge, can be described as a strong opponent. Solar water heater market in recent years has developed rapidly, most consumers of solar energy has not sufficiently comprehensive understanding. Similarly, many of the channel do not understand solar energy and solar water heater itself is characterized by its monopoly market channels in the appliance limit, the main sales channels for solar energy is still the distribution of solar energy stores across the country, some manufacturers have attempted in the building materials stores sales. Store channels, many regional markets across the country have formed a large number of various solar energy store groups, and some evolution of solar water heaters Street. But from the solar powered garden lighting market, market planning and management of the channel is still lagging behind. Especially in a secondary market, the disadvantages become more apparent, its industry channels to expand market channels are operating, all faced with many dilemmas.

The future, "Whither?"

Most of China's solar water heater business are private enterprises and township enterprises, brand consciousness. The early stage of development of the industry, private enterprise market information is sensitive, fast response, has made rapid development. The development so far, has developed into a platform for cumulative long-many problems and bottlenecks in the further development and growth of enterprises. The current state of the industry, whether it is from the scale of strength, marketing network, resource allocation, business philosophy and regulate the operation, far short of the development needs of the emerging solar industry. Solar water heater manufacturers to enter the threshold is low, the lack of core technology, and can only squeeze in the narrow homogenization of the final product on track for low-level competition, coupled with the lack of difference in means of marketing, more rarely a win-win or win-win The concept of competition. Therefore, the industry soon formed a growing low-quality price war, the result is a strong brand is not strong, and many no-name. Solar water heater industry, the future will go? Expect the industry and those who pay attention to this industry, from the capital, management, marketing, etc., continue to give this emerging industry to support and assist in this promising industry can ride out the storm, a solar heating water level.