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experts called for the use of safe energy-efficient solar water heater
2012-07-26 by seoer2


Water heater industry, gas water heater, three kinds of electric water heaters and solar water heaters, solar water heaters in China, although a late start, but in the global energy increasingly tense and increasingly environmentally conscious backdrop, solar water heaters have a broader prospect.
According to experts of the Institute of Chinese solar energy industry, since 1997, China's average annual water heaters injury accident, more than 1000, triggered by complaints about 5900 onwards. Found in the survey, inspection and compliance with national standards of gas, electric vacuum tube solar water heater (including those equipped with anti-electric wall) can also occur to personnel casualties, mainly due to the leakage of some families poor environmental ventilation or the existence of a ground wire, grounding adverse environmental risks. The same time, the electric water heater power consumption energy consumption and is home to large electricity.
China is the world's largest raw coal production, nearly 80 percent of the electricity is issued by the coal, the burning of coal has also brought dramatic environmental deterioration, billions of tons of soot, cinders, harmful gas emissions into the environment, damage the environment pollution.
Solar energy as "inexhaustible" green renewable resources, fully comply with the selection criteria of the new energy in the current global energy crisis. The experts calculations: in more than 300 million households in China, if 1/5 of households switch to solar water heaters, the national annual cost savings of about 800 billion yuan over 1600 kwh of electricity, which can save considerable six times the generating capacity of a project in the Three Gorges Hydropower Station, and can greatly reduce the large number of harmful substances due to burning coal.
Relevant data show that China's solar water heater to maintain the total accounted for 60% of the world's total production and use of china solar water heater, large country, the annual output of 15 million square meters of solar water heaters, more than 150 billion yuan output value, market sales of more than 200 billion, export over 100 million dollars, to provide the community with more than 50 million jobs to replace conventional energy sources amounted to 110 million tons of standard coal, carbon emission reduction capacity of 80 million tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction capacity of 260 million tons.