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radiator cooling issues directly affect the heating effect
2012-08-28 by seoer2

 Golden Sun radiator factory site, the radiator of the production has been sold to some well-known real estate and hotel in downtown Shenyang.

    Golden Sun radiator factory official said the problem batches of the product is not in home solar water heater in Shenyang, mainly sold to Jilin.

    Radiator heat is not up to buy a few pieces to ensure that qualified products Dalian the City Chunnuan radiator factory office, people talked about the sampling failed the issue, said nonchalantly.

    He stressed that this the part of the production batch radiator countries sampling failure, the problem lies in the radiator sections body, enterprise purchased fixed profile specifications, production companies can not change the profile of the water storage capacity, and therefore can not guarantee that the heat qualified device Pipi.

    The province three exposure of the radiator by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection enterprises will not consider to recall the products in question.

    Quality supervision department, said, China's building materials products has yet to implement a product recall system, due to the lack of authoritative legal regulations, building materials product recall at this stage is a voluntary act of corporate social responsibility ".

    Reminder: problem radiator affect the heating effect

    Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the National Air solar water heaters professionals, the amount of heat the radiator of the most important performance indicators, technical indicators to measure the the radiator heat capacity of the indicators of substandard means building units designed in accordance with the regulations of the heating radiator, will not be able to achieve the design of indoor heating temperature.

    In addition, the thread precision and import and export center distance is not up to the same side of the import and export center distance deviation is too large can easily cause the radiator can not be installed or deformation installation, Once the radiator is put into use, there will be leaks, corrosion, even explosive tube.

    Professionals advise consumers to buy radiator, to carefully review the certification, pay attention the applicable heating products and water quality requirements, careful selection of the complex shape of the radiator.

    Quality supervision departments to remind, found that the room temperature is not up to the public in the heating period, the maintenance of the heating sector professionals check still not hot, not hot especially belonging to separate the problem of a household, is likely to be a radiator quality problem, but has been used radiator is usually difficult to detect whether they qualified.

    See if your radiator heat dissipation is qualified

    Proportional to the size of the size of the radiator heat dissipation and cooling surface area, the greater the cooling surface area (ie the profile surface area), the greater the amount of heat, the better the cooling effect before.