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Home heating equipment PK wall-hung boilers as the most preferred
2012-08-31 by seoer2

 Independent gas boiler heating equipment is the most popular in recent years. Domestic heating methods, its status after the central tube solar water heater. It is a high performance, flexible regulation advantages, to become the first choice of the the family independent heating equipment.

    Wall-hung boilers of the biggest advantages is the flexibility to adjust the room temperature. Mainstream products currently on the market, such as Germany, Vaillant has intelligent control design. Working during the day, can be automatically adjusted to a lower temperature; can start before going home at night, so that a home will be able to enjoy the warm. If long-term business, but also can directly turn off the boiler, and energy savings. The wall-hung boilers compact appearance can beautify the home environment.

    Wall-hung boilers central heating and no less than the heating effect. Combustion efficiency up to 99% like Germany Vaillant production of wall-hung boilers, run, wall-hung boilers combustion efficiency condensing technology up to 107 percent, starting about half an hour, the room will be able to achieve a warm effect. Boiler heating is generally more savings. There was the bodies of hundreds Beijing the Vaillant wall-hung boilers, Germany user survey found that 82% of users a heating season gas costs less than 20 yuan per square meter. Relative to the Beijing central heating prices in the area in general is 25 yuan (municipal heating) or 30 yuan (the residential boiler) per square meter, which is a considerable savings. It is understood that the boiler installation involves the entire system, including the host (such as a gas boiler), the terminal (such as radiators) as well as the connection of the pipeline. So for the first time put into the more expensive, from purchase to installation takes about 20,000. Household electric heater used mainly in the South of China, it is a very convenient heating equipment, indoor electric heaters are direct electric heating products, and can be easily open to stop the power to control the temperature of the electric heater, for region for the long winter period, electric heating can play a certain role in the warmth, but the warm comfort low heat faster when turned on, but the heating area, and another that is off that cool, warm effect. Electric heating in general appearance are more delicate, and beautiful, without decoration solar water heaters . But this electric heating power consumption is relatively large, difficult to guarantee the quality of its heating, heating elements if the long-term high-temperature work will reduce the service life.