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First new environmentally friendly automotive air conditioning compressor available
2012-09-07 by seoer2

To break the monopoly of the day, the United States, domestic technology gaps to fill. Now to enter the market over the past one year through various testing and certification, widely welcomed by various OEMs. With the the market mainstream swash plate, piston compressors comparison, there are huge technological advantage of the the rotary vane car air conditioning compressor in the following aspects: 1, high volumetric efficiency, the compressor does not set the suction valve piece , no suction loss, and therefore the volumetric efficiency of up to about 85%; Usually the piston, the swash plate type compressor volumetric efficiency is only about 65%. 2, rotary vane compressors are rotary, suitable for high-speed operation, in line with the car faster and faster requirements. Five blades is uniformly distributed on the circumference, so the balance of the compressor is quite good, gas serials, small pressure fluctuations, small vibration, a small impact on the automobile in the run-time; opposite Usually piston type compressor, and the compression with a single isotropic, resulting balance evacuated tube solar hot water, life than rotary vane short about a year or so, and the complex structure of piston compressors, parts and more cause maintenance difficulties; 3, special fuel supply system of the type compressor design injection lubrication to lubricate, sealed, and high volumetric efficiency, long life, good lubrication to further reduce the noise when the compressor is running, to improve the mechanical properties, lower power consumption, and to ensure that the dynamic performance of the car; 4, the type compressor with overheating protection and relief valves, abnormal temperature is too high in the air-conditioning system, disconnect the power when the exhaust pressure is high or open the pressure valve to protect the compressor and air conditioning systems. 5, the type compressor structure is simple and compact, the fewer parts meet the size and weight requirements of the automotive parts, light weight, less wearing parts, and easy maintenance; piston swash plate compressor structure is complex, parts and more bulky , wearing parts, maintenance is extremely inconvenient, does not meet the needs of technology and market development. 6, in order to meet the current requirements of environmental protection, the type compressor refrigerant of choice directly use is recognized as the most reasonable alternative refrigerant R134a (HFC-134a), and structure than the piston, swash plate compressor more Suitable for use of such refrigerants. More important, more valuable, professional production enterprises with independent intellectual property rights coupled with strong technical Zhejiang Bao Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., the production capacity, for many years as a major international spare parts accumulated the type The compressor also has an absolute cost advantage, market prospects are very promising.non-pressurized solar water heat