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How to maintain good compressor Humidity Chamber
2013-01-09 by seoer2

  How to maintain good compressor Humidity Chamber

    Carefully check the cylinder at all levels and the action of the moving parts sound according to "listen" to distinguish it work properly, immediately shut down if found abnormal sound check;

    Note the pressure gauge at all levels, whether in the specified range of the indicated value of the gauge and lubricating oil pressure gauge on the gas tank and cooler;

    3 Check the cooling water temperature, flow is normal;pressurized solar water heat

    Check the oil supply situation, the motion mechanism of lubrication oil supply system (some compressors the the crosshead rail side of the fuselage equipped with a plexiglass baffle can directly see the crosshead movement and lubricants supply); cylinder , fillers can be used cutting one-way for oil discharge check, you can check the oiler to the cylinder oiling situation;

    5 lubricating oil in the oil and oiler observed body oil pool below the scale line to add a little (such as low should timely oil feet to stop and check);

    6 hand feelings inspection of aircraft crankcase Cross rail at the suction and exhaust cutting cap, etc. temperature is normal;solar heater water

    Attention to the temperature rise of the motor, bearing temperature and voltmeter, ammeter indication that the situation is normal, the current must not exceed the rated current of the motor, if exceeded, looking for a reason or down to check;

    Regular checks whether the debris inside the motor or conductive objects, coil has been damaged, the stator, the rotor has friction, otherwise will cause the motor to start the motor burned out;

    9 for water-cooled compressor without water can not pass into the water immediately to avoid the cylinder crack because Lengrebujun occurred. Parking in the winter to let go of the cooling water to prevent the cylinder, etc. Donglie;

    10 Check whether the compressor vibration, ground screw for loose and fall off;

    11 Check the pressure regulator or load regulator, safety valve is sensitive;

    12 Note that the compressor and their own facilities and environmental health;

    13 gas tank, cooler, water separator must often release oil and water;

    14 used lubricating confidential precipitate filtered. Compressor oil to be the difference between winter and summer use.