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new green energy-saving heat pump water heater
2013-01-23 by seoer2

A green super energy-saving air-conditioning heat pump water heater is a water heater, suitable for providing hot water, bathroom heating for air solar power air conditioner purposes. It is a functional, practical, energy saving, decorative environmentally friendly multipurpose innovation models. Single use water heaters, whether electric or fuel water heaters, functional, only hot water, winter weather or low temperatures for the heating to the bathroom can not want heating other heating equipment to buy another inconvenient increase energy and purchase costs, and low water heater thermal efficiency of the present technique, so that the supplied energy is not completely burned or use, further, the water heater of the present technique as long as the operation, to heat the atmosphere directly or indirectly emissions on the environment caused thermal pollution. In addition, the current technology of heat pump water heater temperature at 60 degrees or less, to the winter weather or low temperatures can not meet consumer demand. The purpose of this technology is to overcome the existing technology single hot water, low thermal efficiency, energy consumption to artificially cause thermal pollution in the surface of the earth, imperfect, style is not new, the heat pump water heater temperature is not ideal inadequacies, thus providing a the green super energy-efficient multi-functional air-conditioning heat pump type water heaters, is functional, practical, environmental protection, energy saving, economical, decorative as one of the innovative models. Can make full use of the energy, the hot water temperature reaches 60 to 80 degrees. Use throughout the North and the South, the plateau, mountains and plains, winter, summer.solar hot water tubes