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solar radiant floor heating popular
2012-06-03 by seoer2
Solar energy as a free, clean energy, such as applications in construction, will have broad prospects. At present, the application of solar energy in buildings is mainly solar water heaters, daily domestic hot water supply, in addition to solar energy applications in heating heating system. More suitable due to the merits of the low-temperature radiant floor heating, solar heating system. Can be used in residential construction and small and medium-sized public buildings heating system. Conditions for the further application of solar energy in the building.
Solar radiant floor heating is a collection of solar energy as a heat source, through the laying on the floor coil heating ground heating system, the system is based on the entire floor as a cooling surface, the radiation heat exchanger is about the total heat more than 60%, it is the radiation heat main. Conventional radiator is based on convection heat, the heating effect is not ideal, comfort and poor sanitary conditions. Therefore, the solar radiant floor heating more and more attention. It made in the country in North America and Europe has been widely applied. Especially the radiant floor heating and its habits, mode of living in harmony, for example, South Korea and Japan-based Tata fans living, radiant floor heating has been widely used in this two economically developed countries.
Radiant heating is to rely on radiation heat transfer heat transfer to the object and the surface of the body, in the case of radiation heating the normal operation of the outdoor temperature is the same, in order to achieve the same comfort, the ambient air temperature conditions than convection heating requirements 3 ℃ lower. According to the physiological conditions of human comfort requirements, the ground temperature is 24 ℃ ~ 28 ℃. Because of the heat medium temperature radiant floor heating for low temperature hot water of 40 ° C to 60 ° C and the use of solar collectors, which makes it possible. Utilization of solar energy technology progress, and will gradually solve the growing shortage of energy issues. Therefore, the solar water heating system radiant floor heating will be more and more people are welcome.
Present, due to faster population growth in China, to make housing more and more expensive, so using solar radiant floor heating will definitely increase the initial cost of the building, but the entire life of the building to the meter, its cost is lower a. Therefore, the use of solar radiant floor heating, make the investment get the highest return is:
First of all, to establish an energy-efficient solar vacuum tube radiant floor heating system, such as its pipe from the quite reasonable use of the pipe, the collected energy to make full use of the main factors for the recovery of the investment to improve.
Secondly, try to make the system passive, that is, allowing the system to minimize the auxiliary heat source, hot water required for heat from solar energy, thereby reducing the conventional energy sources for heating needed to run.
Third, the use of solar radiant floor heating system where longer heating period. Because of the high initial cost of the system than a traditional radiator, however, we can believe that this system is not only energy consumption, it is also the producer of energy. Used more frequently, it produces more energy, the Lord is more use of solar energy, so as to make the initial investment to get more returns. In view of this, it is recommended that the northern China long heating period to promote solar radiant floor heating system.
Solar radiant floor heating is both an energy consumption system, energy production systems, energy saving, clean and environmentally friendly, comfort, and easy to heat metering characteristics, is a green way of heating. With the improvement of quality of life requirements, the solar radiant floor heating system will be more widely used.