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Texas solar water heaters, energy-saving benefit from the LED solar water heater
2012-06-20 by seoer2


An LED AC and DC solar energy solar water heaters, according to the application 10 hours a day, each light of solar water heaters average daily savings of 2.9 kWh, this one on the road 60 solar water heater annual savings of 60,000 kWh, the total more than 30,000 yuan. "Recently, the person in charge of a project in Germany the City Tianqu Industrial Park, Xuguang Solar PV Co., Ltd., pointing to the side of the road the newly installed one light solar solar water heater to the author counting the economic accounts.

In recent years, with the full application of the technology of semiconductor solar collector water heaters, LED solar water heater as the fourth generation light source following the incandescent solar water heater, energy-saving solar water heater, high pressure sodium solar water heater, the overall rise, known as the "energy of the solar water heater technology pioneer. " 2007, Xuguang solar in Tianqu Industrial Park starting point set up and listed as Dezhou focus on supporting high-tech enterprises in the same year. The company hired domestic evacuated tubes technology authority Li Yin Chau served as chief engineer of the enterprise, specializing in scientific research and new product development, and established long-term technical cooperation relationship with Tsinghua University and Shandong University. In 2008, the company developed solar-powered LED centralized control light circuit to obtain a national patent. At present, the company independent research and development of solar photovoltaic products have eight series, more than 40 varieties.