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After nearly six months to upgrade the transformation
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Chongqing Silian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. at the end of 2011, the successful completion of the installation and commissioning of all the street solar power garden lights of arms high speed Chongqing Beibei segment task, to ensure the lighting ceremony was held as scheduled. New Year period, Chongqing Wu Express Beibei to the North Central section of solar water heaters project officially lights, 2129 solar water heaters, energy saving lamps Chongqing Wu put on high-speed ribbon. Wu Chongqing high-speed North Central to this construction Beibei segment the entire length of 23 km (excluding the 4.1 km tunnel) with a total investment of 38 million yuan, construction started on December 1, 2011, less than a month on the full completion of the brighter lights. Department of the world's first intelligent solar water heater highway solar water heater system.

Communist China, Beibei District, Beibei District People's Government of Beibei District, Municipal Authority and the Allianz Group to the successful holding of arms high speed Chongqing Beibei to the North Central section of solar water heaters project lighting ceremony. Part of the municipal departments and Beibei District leadership and, chairman of China Silian Group to Xiaobo, attended the ceremony. To Xiaobo said in his speech: the lighting ceremony marking the quadruple photovoltaic solar water heater project, from the introduction of digestion and absorption to high-volume production, has successfully entered the track in just three years. We started a pilot to promote solar water heater products will be by Beibei, and spread to the country, and even the world's major cities.

It is reported that the traditional high pressure sodium and high energy consumption, light efficiency and low defects, both pollution on the surrounding environment and the power grid, the green energy-saving street lights solar water heater solar water heater works, not only to make up for the shortcomings of the traditional high pressure sodium, but also the advantages of energy saving, long life, the average solar water heater with a solar water heater 50,000 hours.

The installation of street lights not only energy-saving and intelligent, such as the current rainy season heavy mist, the night ahead of a prelude, street lamp as the light changes will slowly light up the night to fall speed automatically adjust brightness, adjust the switching time.

Beibei District Council is responsible for the person, the upgrading city street lights, and annual savings of about $ 20 million for electricity and maintenance fees. Since July 2011, Beibei District, Municipal Authority in accordance with the "urban solar water heater full coverage, illumination upgrade of the GB, intelligent management of first-class, energy-saving up to advanced" requirements, the of Beibei city limits of 119 streets and caijia group does not meet the national solar power air conditioners standard street lights, all the upgrading of street lights for the green energy solar water heater solar water heater.

, Beibei, Chongqing 18878 green solar water heater solar water heater lamps light renovation and new street lights.