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solar hot water project design and installation
2012-07-08 by seoer2

About the various advantages of solar water heating project, the characteristics of many articles in the described, this will not repeat described. Solar hot water project according to our design experience, to do some introductory remarks. Comprehensive analysis and rational design, selection of appropriate solar hot water system solutions, in order to achieve customer satisfaction, the use of requirements before design work, attention to good. In the design, according to the different conditions and needs of the user units to be flexible analysis, to determine, not one or two fixed mode design, installation.

A design before you understand the question:

1, the user unit building conditions:

Building collector area size, shape, building height and allowed to place the water tank location (roof, floors, basements, etc.) are mostly not the same without the same.

2, the user requests:

The average daily total water use; users from time to time once a day or ready to use; require water temperature; water use location; practical use: bath water, heating bath, fish pond heating, environmental (cultivation or breeding shed) heating.

3, the user unit auxiliary energy conditions:

Determine the use of the (electric heaters, electric boilers, fuel, gas boilers, solar powered indoor lights, ground source or air source heat pump units, etc.) a program or a combination of programs in more than two kinds.

(4), geographical location and conditions:

Based on the user's geographic latitude and winter minimum ambient temperature, the four seasons of sunshine conditions, the direction of sunrise block analysis of the installation conditions.

5 user units of water pressure and voltage:

Learn about water pressure and voltage, as well as the availability of the user units.

Second, several common design

A domestic solar water heater series and parallel programs. More common in the case of user requirements are not high, the appropriate conditions are relatively simple in the user environment. The number of installations is too much load too heavy for the building can be adversely affected. Note the diameter and the number of series and parallel relationship of the upper and lower water charge of road design to avoid the fill water to a conflict with the amount of water.

2, the natural circulation design. Also very common in the water consumption of small tonnage, not suitable for large tonnage water consumption methods. In this way is relatively simple, there are certain requirements, water tanks and solar collectors highly tank bracket to calculate the load problem and the wind, in line with the design of steel structures, regardless of how the solar collector , the number of series and parallel request to be reasonable and should be consistent with the solar hot water system design, installation and engineering acceptance.

3, constant temperature water design. By the temperature difference between the collector and water tank, control the way into the cold water will reach the top of the set temperature of the hot water into the tank, the tank of water filled to continue warming through the temperature cycle, which is also a lot of solar companies are currently using the program . This way there is no problem in the sunshine and good conditions generally in poor sunlight conditions, timely replenishment should be noted that in this scenario, the tank should have a certain amount of water to prevent the electric heater dry. When the tank water temperature below the set temperature, require an auxiliary energy device in a timely manner to start the user's normal use. In addition, the design based on the user's requirements are different, respectively, set daily timer heating with constant temperature heating mode at any time. In the north have a low temperature frost protection.

4, temperature cycle design. Set by the controller, so that the tank once filled with water, the highest level, using the temperature difference within the solar collector and water tank, control the circulation pump work, and constantly improve the water temperature in the tank, which is a practical difference in temperature between cycles programs. Depending on the use of hot water use in the design and set the water temperature. Regular daily Sheung Shui, when the minimum level, at any time automatic replenishment to ensure that a certain amount of water in the tank. User conditions, the auxiliary energy equipment can be used more than one or two kinds of programs. Design, depending on the needs of users, you can set the daily timing heating or constant temperature heating mode at any time. Require cryogenic frost protection in the north.

Third, the controller functions and system design:

1, water temperature display:

Can always observe the water temperature in the tank, which is important data to understand the need for frequent user of the solar system works.

2, the collector temperature display:

Can always observe the water temperature in the collector, this is an important factor in system debugging when you need to know about the solar system work.

3, the water level status display:

The five water level, water level status at a glance. This is also the users understand the need for frequent data.

4, regular heating time:

Set the daily heating time, the controller in the set time depending on water temperature to judge the need to automatically start the heating function.

5, set the heating temperature:

The limits set by the needs of different users, the bath temperature is 30 ℃ -75 ℃ range is appropriate for other purposes set according to demand, the maximum can be set to 99 ° C.

6, setting the heating methods:

Timing heating or heating temperature. Heating time at a set time once a day heated to set temperature; heating temperature below the set temperature a certain value at any time in Sheung Shui and heating water temperature reaches the set temperature to stop heating.

7 set Sheung Shui time:

Set the Sheung Shui to make the water level controller to set the time automatically starts the Sheung Shui to stop the highest solar heating water level, the solenoid valve or pump may need to determine.

8, the low water level automatic replenishment:

When the water level dropped to the lowest water level, the controller should be unconditional automatic fill water to ensure there is sufficient water in the tank.

9, water temperature control:

The water temperature in the tank to set according to use, the bath temperature, greenhouse heating temperature, the material drying temperatures and diverse needs, set the temperature varies.

10, frost issues:

In addition to pay attention to the problem of the thickness of the insulation material pipe venting; cycle method can also be used system-wide or at the same time with tropical Protection Act, the various methods described above can be used when the system temperature reaches the low temperature range, the system antifreeze protection.

11, RMON:

There are some users outside the control room position need to understand the solar system is working properly and timely detection of failure when the controller to work.

12, using the hot water thermostat cycle:

With the use of hot water circulation function, can make hot water circulation line is always maintained with the thermal storage tank temperature close to or the same in any faucet is turned on the hot water, so that the user of hot water with the convenience.

13, increase the heating function:

Set the temperature to meet the main heating of the south and the northern part of the heating requirements, but also part of the production activities (vegetables, flowers, greenhouses) to play a part of the work of the warming of work and drying room, save conventional energy sources.

14, electrical control cabinet:

Control cabinet circuit controller and shunt controller, note that the use of power matching of fuses, circuit breakers, earth leakage protective device, relay and AC contactor, powered equipment in a short circuit or leakage phenomenon of total control and the brightest sub-controller to cut off the circuit to identify the cause of the malfunction rear recoverable. Temperature controllers and electrical control should be properly installed, you must connect the protective ground.

15, the installation forms:

According to environmental conditions, installation of a variety of angles can be used, the use of forced circulation can install and run any from 0 degrees to 90 degrees.

16, storage tank insulation:

Appropriateness of using the assembled tank insulation of the SMC glass steel or stainless steel modular tanks. The main features of these two kinds of tanks: clean, never rust, meet the health standards, light weight, reasonable structure, site assembly site requiring a lower level. Tank design life of 30 years. The water tank external insulation and protective treatment of high-performance materials.

17 windproof processing:

Solar angle bracket bolt or connected together by welding, collector bracket angle and roof parapet connection can be a fixed location or other connection shall comply with the design of steel structures, can reach the wind effect.

18, lightning protection measures:

The solar collector system, the main metal structure, steel structure and building the lightning protection system connected, you can effectively prevent lightning strikes.

19, bracket, anti-rust:

Stent system with spray, brush, anti-rust paint and high-quality finish and protection methods to prevent the generation of rust, pay attention to daily maintenance.

20, water treatment devices:

According to the water quality of the user equipment of various types of water treatment devices (such as: silicon Richland, electromagnetic water softener equipment, etc.), reduce or prevent scaling phenomenon generated in the solar system is running.