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solar water heater industry
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Solar energy is solar radiation, solar thermal, photovoltaic and photochemical direct conversion. The sun per second exposure to the energy equivalent of 500 million tons of coal on Earth. Tensions in the global energy situation, global warming a serious threat to the health of economic development and people's lives today, countries in the world are looking for new alternative energy strategies in order to achieve sustainable development and to obtain a dominant position in the future development. solar power air conditioning energy for its clean, steady stream, security and other significant advantages to become the focus of attention. 21tyn

China has very rich solar energy resources, solar irradiation total more than 50 MJ per square meter, the annual sunshine time is more than about 2/3 of the land area of ??more than 2200 hours or more of the region. This is the development of solar energy industry is the most favorable external objective conditions. In recent years, China's support and input into the development of solar energy is constantly increasing, from technical innovations and breakthroughs, accelerate the pace of reducing costs; at the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and other ministries to formulate macro-policies and regulations on solar energy technology development and its The application gave strong support, the country has thousands of businesses involved in the solar industry. China Solar Energy Industry Association Network

Utilization of solar energy technology through constant evolution and development, has formed a numerous types of products in our residential areas, the main application is as follows: in the solar industry, solar water heaters heat the use of conversion technology is undoubtedly the most mature, the The industrialization process than photovoltaic cells, solar power and other industries one step ahead. China's solar water heater production and total ownership in the world, the annual production capacity is two times that of Europe, North America four times, China's solar water heater technology is also a leader in the world. China Solar Energy Industry Association Network

To statistics, sales of solar water heaters in 2006 has reached 20 million square meters, ownership of more than 90 million square meters, and the industry is still years from 20% to 30% of the development of high growth rates. According to the statistics of the China National Hardware Association, China's urban households, 57.4% have a gas water heater, 31.3% have electric water heaters, with only 7.6% of the solar water heater, purchase expectations survey of urban households, the proportion of the three will evolve 35.8%, 30.2%, 23.2%, the proportion of solar water heaters will be substantial growth became a major competitor in the gas, electric products. Same time, the solar water heater for its environmental, economic and energy renewable increasingly favored by the urban and remote areas, solar energy will usher in the golden era of high-speed development. 21tyn

Experts predict that 2015, the only national residential solar water heaters will reach 232 million square meters of ownership, the penetration rate will reach 20% ~ 30%, solar water heater industry prospects and the "money" King are optimistic about the double. No matter from which angle, solar energy and solar water heater industry is huge room for growth to look forward to sunrise industry! 21tyn

Solar heating 21TYN.COM

Inspired by the successful application of solar water heating systems, more and more people are considering solar energy for heating. The solar heating system with a combination of short-term heat storage, building heating energy consumption continues to decline so that people can accept the economic performance of solar heating systems in buildings. 21tyn · com

Solar heating is rapid growth in the developed countries in Europe, such as solar heating systems in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland have high market share, about the whole solar thermal utilization of 20% to 50%. Released by the European Commission "The Future of Energy: Renewable Energy White Paper, 2010, the EU will be installing 100 million square meters of solar collectors, solar heating system will account for 19 million square meters. China has the world's largest solar thermal market, a conservative estimate of approximately 40% of the world, in which solar hot water systems account for almost 100%. In recent years, building heating energy consumption is declining, the use of solar thermal product performance increasing, and china solar water heater heating gradually attention has been paid to solar heating projects have been built in Beijing and other places such as Beijing Tsinghua Solar Office Building, Beijing Solar Energy Research Office Building, Beijing the Pinggu new rural villagers residential. 21tyn.cn

These projects and some U-shaped pipe vacuum tube collectors, some of the heat pipe vacuum tube collectors, while others use a flat-plate collector system design, have their own characteristics, and more from the use of solar thermal companies to design their own installation, most of the architectural design units. 21tyn.cn

Compared with the situation abroad, our technology is relatively backward, the design of solar heating systems are still largely remain in the level of simple estimates, not mature, set design or software, while China's energy situation is becoming more severe, and solar energy resources a lot more than most European countries, our solar heating much-needed should also be further developed.