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The introduction of solar garden lights
2013-03-23 by seoer2
Solar garden takes solar energy, the energy of solar water heater manufacturer radiation during the day using solar panels to power storage charging the battery, the battery powered use of the light source to the hospital in the evening, without the need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, lighting can be adjusted layout, safety and energy saving non-polluting, the charging process using intelligent control and on / off, automatic light control switch, without manual operation,reliable, save electricity, maintenance-free. Garden lights generally smaller power, typical lamp 6w and 9w plus a large current, can be done 12w power.
Solar garden light monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon solar cells produced components, brackets, light poles, lamp, special lights bulbs, batteries, battery boxes, to cage. Lamp shape colorful, colorful, chic and elegant, solar garden lights can dress picturesque courtyards, parks, playgrounds. The product sufficient time electrically continuous illumination about 4-5 days, working 8-10 hours a day, can also be designed in accordance with the special requirements of the user.