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to push the air water heater revolution
2012-07-29 by seoer2

The same energy-saving water heaters, solar water heaters rely on the weather "by the weather characteristics, and the air heaters can be affected by external environmental factors that affect greatly reduced, it is also more convenient to install, but the enterprise of their own alone force in the promotion of products, market effective is not very obvious. And the promotion of a new technology and the maturity of a great need for policy support and guidance of the relevant government departments in order to solve the difficulty of individual enterprises to promote their products, recent new energy appliances Committee of Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Association convened its dozens of representatives of enterprises in Guangzhou convening of the development of air to water heaters mobilization meeting, negotiating hand in the full expansion of the air to the water heater industry. Tang wall Kui said, the Guangdong enterprises in advance the nearest to promote their products as a powerhouse of the domestic air to water heaters, to be the Southern market is mature, and then expand nationwide the market.

    Talent supply: The Whampoa Military Academy

    Air to water heaters, as a new industry, vendors, most desire is the technical support; users most desire, satisfaction and value of the product. Guangdong to do with the benefit of, is dedicated to the cultivation of personnel, dedicated to the cultivation of the perfect after-sales service solar powered air conditioner.

    This with the benefit of Guangdong Electric Co., Ltd. in Guangdong, the former site of the Whampoa Military Academy, organized the first air to water heaters Whampoa Military Academy training course, the whole free learning opportunities in the country who are interested in the air to the academic and maintenance of water heater technology.

    Air to water heaters training courses select the Whampoa Military Academy, because of the Whampoa Military Academy in the world-famous, is to train the cradle of military generals, and training base for patriotic education. The country people of insight to select Guangdong with the benefit of the same benefits to do the best technical training platform of air to water heaters, Guangdong promote the Whampoa Military Academy dear good faith, dare to fighting spirit, and cultivate technical talent and technology of a large number of Jie Yong generals. In the opening ceremony on August 1, the General Manager of Guangdong with the benefit of Mr. Tang Bikui: this event has great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance. Believe that all participants in the training will be able to become the elite of the industry more energy tube solar water heater for the community to create their own career success and realize their dreams.