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cyclic and straight-thermal heat pump
2012-08-08 by seoer2

 Cycle heat pump is heating the water repeatedly cycle can be heated to the set temperature; the technology 70 years since the air conditioning industry is commonly used. It is worth noting that the air conditioning industry to limit the maximum temperature of 45 ° C is why?
      Direct thermal heat pumps, means of heating the water cycle once heated to set the target temperature; the technology is different from the traditional need to repeatedly in and out of the heat pump heating cycle heat pump in order to achieve the set temperature. Its features are: 1, heating water is one-time solar power air conditioner was to set the hot water temperature, water comfort reliable guarantee for the user, not because of changes in water temperature in the water process water comfort . Direct thermal heat pump can not only provide constant temperature and pressure, but also add a lot of humanized operation design, such as: the setting of the water production needs (ie water level settings), save energy costs, since learning and memory function, ultra-low water level prompts functions, multiple heat pump work by a controller to control and operation functions and so on. The direct thermal heat pump heating water in the real case is more than cold water instead of 45 ° C water, which comply with the air conditioning industry to limit the maximum feed water temperature is less than 45 ℃ temperature and pressure of the compressor protection. Cold water can absorb more heat to get high cop values, is the heat generated in the heat pump operation, the heat pump because sufficient cooling will not cause adverse operating conditions of the core components of the compressor affect the operational efficiency and service life of compressor overcome the electrical energy consumed by the system pressure is also relatively small, which is directly heated hot water unit-specific energy-efficient secret.
    We all know that there is a good raw material and can not guarantee the level of who can make good food, good heat pump is also true, designed to match the energy efficiency of a great relationship with them, the dealer from the factory test report seen in the factory to match the good or bad, the best course is to provide third-party report.
    Match is composed of all the components of the solar power air conditioning pump as much as possible a perfect match to work together; the purpose of matching is not only to ensure that the machines efficient and reliable operation also ensures long life of the machine to match the excellent results to see the size of the COP value (EER), we take a look at high COP value? The first is energy-saving (user benefit), followed by the dealer to get the benefits, for example: a 100 tons of water per day of 60 ° C hot water project; annual average water temperature of 15 ℃, daily equipment operating 12 hours, our data from Japan's Toshiba product manuals direct thermal COP value of 4.45 cycle COP value of 2.65 to analysis; type Q-consumption of calories (kcal), C-water specific heat (1 kcal / kg? ° C), M-water quality (kg), water temperature rise ΔT of --- (℃).