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Building energy conservation demonstration projects, Hankou solar power system has grid
2012-06-18 by seoer2

Wuhan "two-oriented society" building energy conservation demonstration projects Hankou solar power system has grid, to meet part of the office electricity needs of the lighting and the surrounding area of ??the marshland Scenic Area.
Start building projects since 2009, has completed four collection points. Landscape corridor of Yuehan pier the Changhai gate landscape corridor two, daily generating more than 100 degrees to meet the marshland one, the two most of the sections of lighting needs. Zhang Zhizhong Road gate, two sports grass recreation corridor, daily generating capacity of up to over 600 degrees. Project for the city of Wuhan scenic grid demonstration projects. As the "two-oriented society," the construction of energy conservation demonstration projects, the project in addition to solve the marshland lighting electricity demand, the main function is a green energy showcase. In visiting the marshland, the public can have a close experience of solar vacuum tube power generation process, to strengthen the understanding of green energy. The marshland "green lighting project" impressive: more than 7000 LED lights over half of the energy-saving than the original lighting. In addition, the Hankou has built a 6 "two-oriented society" showcase platform, set up a solar kiosks, solar insect killers, solar cell phone gas station and electric bottled vehicle charging stations and other convenience facilities. Hankou gathered green energy, green lighting, water reuse, such as the number of energy saving and environmental protection demonstration projects, and the Wuhan City, the largest "green" demonstration area. "Fresh" device so that the public eye-opener.
At present, Wuhan has four solar power stations. Wuhan Railway Station generating capacity of 2 million degrees, Optical Valley, the new technology of photovoltaic industrial park generating capacity of 1.8 million degrees, the Hankou annual generation capacity of 310 000 degrees, Dongfeng Honda office annual generation capacity of 200 000 degrees. Which Dongfeng Honda office, Hankou has with the city power grid to generate electricity. Wuhan railway station, the new Optical Valley Technology Photovoltaic Industrial Park project is to accelerate the pace of grid. It is reported that Hubei Province has been the National Development and Reform Commission to declare the "12" photovoltaic power generation planning. After the plan is approved, Hubei Province, five years solar water heaters photovoltaic generating capacity will grow by nearly 10 times.