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solar water heater market: a few happy and some unhappy
2012-07-03 by seoer2


  1998 to 2008, China solar water heater industry compound annual growth rate of 24.37%. In 2009, the benefit from home appliances to the countryside policy implementation, the solar water heater industry growth rate increased to 35.5%. In 2011, the use of solar thermal industrial production of solar collectors 57.6 million square meters, an increase of 17.6%.

    Experienced such ups and downs, the 2012 market performance and did not let the solar water heater industry, relax. Reporter to communicate with SMEs are often the first one heard a sigh. The person in charge of a small solar water heater manufacturers, said with emotion: "This year's had a hard time due to demand, the deep pockets of the big brands have stepped up marketing efforts, we are forced to shrink their own sales region, only in the company near the county sales. "

    In contrast, root out the channels, widely distributed network brand seems to have found a feeling in the market. Sunrise Oriental listed is the best example. Sunrise Oriental prospectus, as of December 31, 2011, the company consolidated net assets of 1.182 billion yuan, an increase of 207.61% compared with $ 3.84 billion in late 2009. According to the reporter, Huang Ming, power Norit, Hua Yang, Tsinghua sun industry sales of mainstream brands showed growth. However, the majority of those surveyed business executives said that although the sales growing, but the increase over the beginning of the year is expected to be small.

    "If companies occupied 10% of the solar water heater market share, it would be difficult convincing. More dispersed tube solar water heater market, the brand concentration is still low." Said the Shuaikang group vice president Liu Chunhua. According to reports, domestic solar water heater manufacturers about 2800, corporate and sales in more than 100 million yuan, about 20, the other more than some small-scale, even the small businesses of the workshops. Even if it is already listed on the sunrise in the East, 2011, in the solar water heater market share of only 8.2%.

    "Depressed market, while making large enterprises development pressures increase, but it also forced some of the small scale enterprises out of the market, to some extent improve the concentration of the industry." As Huang Ming Solar Co., Ltd. R & D center director Feng Zhang said, a certain size and brand of large-scale solar water heater business has a stronger fight against the risks. Beijing Four Seasons song Mu Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President Lu Jian said the industry concentration to enhance the solar water heater industry development trends, and beneficial to consumers, industry development.

    Bosch Thermal Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. the person in charge of "pain and happiness" to describe over 2011. 2012 we will continue to adhere to technology upgrades, we believe that technology, strength, after-sales service system brands will eventually 'Shou finally see the sunrise' has over 10 years history of the rapid development of China's solar water heater industry. The time has come. market reshuffle the market size of over billion company with only occupy 30% market share, a large number of small workshops solar water heater business accounted for 70% of the market. "

    The face of the decline in market growth, the majority of respondents said that the solar water heater industry, this fluctuation is a normal phenomenon. 2011 Haier solar water heater does not seem to be fluctuations, sales doubled growth. Industry volatility, the person in charge of Haier analysts said, the solar water heater industry is immature, low barriers to entry, mandatory standards for the channel and pricing than chaos; the same time, a single solar water heater sales channels, manufacturers in order to seize market share, Yahuo "type sales, the industry is mainly in the hands of dealers in the operation, the product most pressure at the dealer; the past two years, home appliances pulling effect gradually weakened, also affecting the china solar water heater market as a whole.