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solar water heater market competition, confusion many hidden
2012-07-06 by seoer2

 Market competition is a bit messy

    An industry insider told the reporter, this phenomenon is very common in the solar industry. Some private entrepreneurs and even with five or more brand and company. On the surface, these enterprises are operated separately, but the product is indeed in the same factory production manufacturing, product R & D and production workers are also the same team. The person familiar with the image of the metaphor, this is a team of multiple brands under one roof, to save costs but can broaden the market space.

    It is understood that the chinese solar water heater energy industry is an emerging area in the last 10 years developed its market is very competitive. Due to the low barriers to entry, the national enterprise engaged in the manufacture of solar water heaters up to more than 1,000, not including registered solar hands of the workshop. The rapid development of these enterprises, promote the industry and the market bigger, it also brings the order of market competition is not standardized, which made many of the industry's pioneer and nurture those who are more worried about.

    In fact, due to the particularity of solar products, we must require the manufacturing and installation of aftermarket and try. On the one hand, product types and sizes are not suitable for large-scale mass production; the other hand, directly determines the installation of aftermarket product sales and marketing, it also gives the development of many small solar companies to provide survival space. China Solar Thermal Industry Alliance chairman Luo Zhentao said, some small solar companies, only a year to sell thousands of sets of products, but can also survive. This also reflects the fact from one side, Huang, sun, rain and other industry leaders in the short term, large-scale expansion, price reshuffle to enhance the industry barriers to entry will be eliminated in some SMEs.

    An industry source told reporters, multi-brand operation of many enterprises in the industry stronger, they have accumulated a relatively good resources in the development process, such as product development, marketing and installation services.

    Leader in clever layout

    A Four Seasons song Mu Solar Co., Ltd. registered in Beijing, Jiangsu Sun Rain New Energy Group, headquartered in Lianyungang, its chairman Xu New. New, but the general manager of the two companies and another person as chairman of both companies are Xu. Which Beijing Four Seasons song Mu Solar Co., Ltd. President Li Jun Li, previously vice president of Sun Rain Group. Although the company registered in Beijing, Li Chun, the offices in Lianyungang, their contact information to Lianyungang.

    The survey found that in the solar industry take the lead in the implementation of multi-brand operation is Emperor Ming Group. Led by Emperor Ming Huang Ming solar vacuum tubes to create a precedent for China's solar thermal market-oriented operation. However, due to the low barriers to entry, resulting in many small and medium enterprises in the industry is mature quickly spoiler, there are many short-term speculators, posed a great risk to the industry. An industry source revealed that if the spread of this trend of disorderly competition go, Huang Ming is very possible to be reduced to the industry many small and medium sedan chair role, so to win the "wait for the water was boiled dumplings" business opportunities .

    Subsequently, a company called Shandong Yijia Solar Co., Ltd. in the rapid rise of Qinghua Sun, Yang Hua, Huang Ming-led market competition. Japan's Canon 2003 billion Canon "trade mark to goods and Japan's" Canon "trademark similar to the Chinese trademark authorities filed a protest, to allow people to focus once again look to the billion Canon emerging solar companies who. Shandong, one hundred million solar Co., Ltd., general manager Yang Zhongxing, this person had the Group's vice president Huang Ming, from the shop floor employees has been to do business executives several times by Huang Ming case outreach as a classic of human resources training. In addition, Emperor Ming Group also has a sub-brand called "Ou Dike". Compared to when handling one hundred million very low-key relationship with the imperial Ming Group, Ou Dike brand birth was Emperor Ming Group high-profile publicity.