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"Space" water heater in the solar industry has raised concerns
2012-07-10 by seoer2

Obviously, the solution of the solar water heater upstairs "in order to alleviate the pressure on energy conservation in China is imminent. To this end, the solar industry insight unanimously to find an effective way to solve this problem.
After in-depth research, one above the main features of solar energy use patterns - "solar powered water heater Energy and Building Integrated including the unanimous approval of the government departments, solar water heater business, research institutions and other relevant units. In theory, this model specification, the property was worried the "unsightly, there are security risks," not only can be resolved, the utilization of solar energy will be greatly enhanced, and can play in the objective to save energy and protect the environment.
And building integrated solar energy mode, so that the solar water heater industry to see the hope of the solar large-scale city. For a time, around the government departments have issued "red head" was dubbed the "strong push to make" file, in the local mandatory "integrated energy" mode in the solar industry in China has formed an mandatory to promote solar energy and building The integration of the boom. Shares strong push boom, some cities in the promotion and application of the solar water heater is already showing results.
However, careful review of the country from the city began issuing in 2006 the first batch of "strong push to make" strong push now for about four years course, a lot of people found: Due to the lack of standardized technical standards and effective supporting policies, coupled with on the economic interests of the relevant units is difficult to reconcile, this carries the infinite promise of integration of the solar energy industry, energy mode does not bring immediate results to the entire solar industry.
In the face of grim reality, many people of insight: solar water heaters in order in the foreseeable future, large-scale city, not an "integrated model" Road to go in the end, but must be another way.
Today, with the side Tsinghua Tong Fang Group Clean Technology Co., Ltd. announced that the company has initially developed to understand open the crux of the weapon - a combined "Space and water heaters extract heat from the sun light and air.
According to reports, the water heater of the Tongfang this modular "space", the two systems by the heat pump system and solar hot water system. Products in the heat pump heat from the air intake can add a solar hot water system, lack of heat, which can greatly reduce the area of ??solar collectors, so that the "space" water heater collector can break through the traditional solar collectors must be on the roof of the limitations, can not only hang out on the wall, and can be placed on the balcony of the people own, simply do not have to put on the roof. In addition, the products to overcome the constraints of the traditional solar water heaters by the climate conditions, to achieve all-weather operation. In addition, the above-mentioned characteristics of the wall-mounted water heater "space", allows chinese solar water heater water temperature is always maintained at a comfortable temperature, not only to avoid the summer water temperature is too high, and low winter temperature phenomenon, and can realize multi-point water supply water, heated water, in order to avoid a bath of hot water, hot and cold process phenomena occur.