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The birth of the the Mibo condensing water heater
2012-07-16 by seoer2

Gas chinese solar water heater at work, will emit a large number of temperature up to 180 ° C flue gas, mostly ordinary water heaters can not take advantage of this part of the heat wasted. Condensing water heater greatly improve the use of condensing heat exchanger to this part of the heat used to preheat cold water into the pipes, so as to achieve environmental protection and energy saving effect, the birth of the the Mibo condensing water heater, low-carbon energy conservation on its head.
It is reported that the the Mibo condensing water heater with advanced inversion of the first attempt AIB (advancedinvertedburningsystem) combustion technology, the location of the burner upside down located at the top of the machine this way, the flue gas from top to bottom and gradually condensing time to redouble extend, which will extend the time of the second heat exchange, thermal efficiency as high as 103%, far exceeding the 96 percent standard at the national level of energy efficiency.
As the fire of the laws of nature have been up, so the implementation of this technology is not simple, in order to overcome this obstacle, the the Mibo condensing water heater burner, Cast from SUS430 stainless steel original "J" shaped mixed gas the cavity, with the combustion chamber of SUS430 build strong, high temperature corrosion resistance, life assurance, "J" type mixed gas chamber while the premixed air and gas, so that the gas burner fully efficient, low CO emissions to 0.034 percent, well below the national standard by 0.10% (P, G, W) and energy conservation are strictly adhered to.
The Mibo condensing water heater the AIB inverted combustion technology to avoid the common condensing water heater burner in the lower part of the main heat exchanger, two heat exchangers, and set the smoke chamber, the upper part in the machine, resulting in weak acid condensate water heater condensation process back to the inside of the machine, causing condensing water heater inside the machine corrosion and rust, "this issue. At the same time to avoid the traditional condensing water heater heat exchange process from bottom to top, the steam inside the solar heating water exchanger residence time is short, the heat exchange efficiency is not ideal, longer product life.
Currently, the market has begun to more and more the shadows of the condensing water heater, and consumers will also put in the body of the condensing water heater, I believe, with the universal energy saving, condensing water heaters will be mounted to a broader stage .