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thermostatic mixers
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And water pipes transformation makes no difference, and are responsible for the water heater factory, nothing can be said.

7, the intelligent controller
Finally talk about this is good stuff, and now the functions of such products is more and more powerful, especially for water control and protection of fell into the water heater up and down, very convenient. Water heater manufacturers will supply almost has a good name, what the sun hot treasure class. At 700 ~ 1000.
If you buy very cheap. Due to the need to install the sensor in the storage tank, so to see if you can say that moving water heater factory, installation workers to help you install (if placed on the surface of the roof tile, is certainly not their own operation, after all, not professionally trained, lost his life may be worth), some manufacturers are still very good talk, it is not the pay point of the installation fee should be able to.
Stores and online are not not find the instructions of the controller of the water heater factory, we can only talk about the stand-alone controller. This is from Taobao, a business of selling controller copy to roughly screen to pick a published return the names of shops: solar water heater accessories wholesale stores, dispensers called: 512sz, but I can not recommend meaning. The main function should be similar, but the function is basically self-contained, so compatibility issues are very small, only pay attention to the sensor, behind me said.

Controller functions: automatic control of the upper and lower water solenoid valve, plus tropical, electric solar air conditioning system tube.
Water level preset: Preset add water, the water level 50, 80, 100%, only a few fixed level;
The water temperature instructions: Show the actual water temperature of the solar water heater internal.
The water level indicator: display storage tank water storage, display the same fixed level.
The water shortage Tip: level by 20% when the water level from high to low, shortage of water supply status, alarm buzzer and flashing.
The water shortage in Sheung Shui: When the water level from high to low, shortage of water supply status, a delay of 30 minutes of water automatically to a preset level.
Sheung Shui thermostat: When the water tank does not fill up the water temperature is higher than the the thermostat Sheung Shui temperature set by the user, the automatic replenishment. When is water (the water level changes), the delay of 60 minutes to start, start the Sheung Shui to avoid being water users.
Manual control: you can manually start the Sheung Shui, heating.
Weather pattern: according to customers individual needs 24 hours a day, can be set as early as three nights the timing Sheung Shui and three timing heating, and can be set the level and timing of each timing Sheung Shui heating temperature . The factory settings provide a user the La-washing water in the morning for the first time the morning of 3: 00 start the Sheung Shui to 50% water level, 4:00 to start heated to 50 ° C, the second 9:00 to start the Sheung Shui to water is full noon, without heating, in order to make full use of solar energy to provide heating, the third 15:00 to start the Sheung Shui to 100% water level, 16 o'clock start Sheung Shui to 50 ° C to provide to the user at night with hot heart of the bath (use solar energy has reached 50 ° C does not start heating to save energy). Users set their own time, suggested that the timing in Sheung Shui, advanced timing heating time more than one hour in order to Sheung Shui and then heated, it is recommended heating temperature does not exceed 60 ° C so as not to burn and save energy.
Anti-fire band: band intermittent power supply.
Power failure: When a power outage, measurement and control proposed to retain all the parameters preset by the user, while continuing to display the water temperature and Beijing.
Heating temperature: The water temperature lower than the preset temperature 5 ° C, immediately start the heating. If the water level is below 50%, the first automatically and immediately start the Sheung Shui.
Low water pressure in Sheung Shui: Sheung Shui process, low water pressure or water, the Monitor will automatically enter a low pressure mode, the Monitor will interval of 30 minutes to start Sheung Shui Sheung Shui mode, if 30 minutes people still do not make the water level rises a file, stop for 30 minutes, and then start the Sheung Shui, cyclic operation, low water pressure or water in order to avoid the occurrence of the following serious consequences:
1, solenoid valves, water pumps, long-term power operation, caused by the pump idling burned; solar vacuum tube rupture or leakage of other reasons, resulting in continuous, Sheung Shui, water tank, roof, long-term water; 3, water, a sudden inflow, due to air drying solar tank temperature is too high, caused by the bombing.
Automatic pressure: water supply pressure is low, you can choose to Sheung Shui, an overboost function in Sheung Shui, open the solenoid valve synchronized to start the pump pressurized water supply.

Also based on self-purchased, so many, picking up;
The main components (to buy the controller will bring):
Control panel: the function and parameter settings, general, digital display, high-end LCD, very beautiful;
Solenoid valve: open control on the water, due to built-in one-way function, you can not install one-way valve, and only one solenoid valve is enough;
Sensors: a rod behind attached to the line, the induction tank temperature and water level; water level sensor is not continuous, fixed several levels, 20%, 50%, 80%; the length of the sensor body must be within the storage tank height to match Otherwise, can not correctly sensing the china solar water heater level; can customize up to 130cm, for vertical storage tanks. Divided into the top of the installation and install two at the bottom, later said.
Cable: First, the sensor and the host of the cable, usually in the purchase of the sensor supporting, only need to pay attention to the length of the can; a connection only a handful of split type will be used, this panel of the machine and control The main body is separate from, the panel is very beautiful, can be mounted externally to connect with more than one wire with the host, and then control the institutions of other actions.