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two air heat pump water heaters compressor characteristics
2012-08-17 by seoer2

 Scroll compressor running vortex plate only small-minded co-no wear and longer life, known as maintenance-free compressor; smooth running, small vibration, quiet working environment, also known as 'ultra-quiet compressor'; novel structure , precision, small size, low noise, light weight, small vibration, low energy consumption, long life, gas continuous smooth and reliable operation, the air supply is clean, etc.. A scroll compressor, including: drive shaft, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, and has established the size of the eccentricity of the Ministry; cylinder to form the internal volume of the established size; wheel contact with the cylinder within weeks face rotation and can be installed on the peripheral surface of the eccentric Ministry solar powered indoor lights of rolling motion along the surface within weeks, and the inner surface to form a fluid chamber for fluid suction and compression operations; blade resiliently mounted to the cylinder, so that and roller ongoing contact; upper and lower bearings were installed in the upper and lower parts of the cylinder, for rotatable support of the drive shaft, and a closed internal volume; oil flow path is set between the bearing and drive shaft, and it between uniform flow of oil; discharge port, they are connected to the fluid chamber; inhalation port, connected to the fluid chamber, and each other in order to isolate the established point of view; valve assembly, which according to the direction of rotation of the drive shaft, while the selectively open an inhalation port of the suction port.
    Screw compressors are positive displacement compressors. Dynamic equilibrium, there is no imbalance inertial force, the machine can be a smooth high-speed can be achieved without the basis of operation, especially suitable for mobile compressor, small size, light weight, less area; adaptable, with a mandatory gas characteristics, the volumetric flow almost from the exhaust pressure to maintain a high efficiency in a wide range of the compressor structure does not make any change in circumstances, apply to a variety of conditions; high reliability, less parts no wearing parts, so its reliable operation, long life, overhaul interval of up to 4-8 ten thousand hours; easy to operate and maintain a high degree of automation, the operator does not have to after a long period of professional training, can achieve unattended operation.outdoor solar garden lights