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of the water loop heat pump system in the mall
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 The so-called water loop heat pump system is an application of a small water / air heat pump units. I.e. water loop small air / water heat pump units together in parallel to form a closed loop, as the main characteristics of the heat pump to recover the building interior heat constitute a heating, cooling systems.tube solar water heater
A basic form of the water loop heat pump works

The typical water loop heat pump system (see Figure 1) is composed of three parts: (1) a small indoor water / air heat pump units, the units of various forms, such as a floor-standing unit, the vertical unit level lifting unit ; (2) water circulation loop, including circulation pumps and piping, as well as a pipeline of various regulating device; (3) auxiliary equipment, such as cooling towers, heating equipment, heat storage device.


Figure 1 water loop heat pump system principle

Water loop heat pump system works: water / air heat pump units and heating the water in the water circulation loop pump cooling by water for the row Amidst the source for the heat source; With a water loop heat pump system, some heat pump unit in heating operation, some heat pump unit in cooling operation. Unit heating operation to absorb heat from the circulating water; exhaust heat cooling operation of the unit to the circulating water. When substantially equal to the heat of the heat absorption of the heating operation of the heat pump unit and a cooling operation of a discharge, the water in the recirculation loop can be maintained within a certain temperature range, then the system is running efficiently. When the water loop heat pump system, the heat absorption of the heating operation is smaller than when the heat release of the cooling operation, the elevated temperature of the water circulation passage, the heat released to a certain extent when the cooling tower; the contrary, the water temperature of the recirculation loop is lowered , to a certain extent the heat is absorbed by the auxiliary heating device.

Second, the characteristics of the water loop heat pump system

2.1 low-cost energy saving and environmental protection

Uses water loop heat pump system in the building, which belongs to the heat recovery heat pump system belongs to environmental satisfied o. When the outdoor temperature is low, the perimeter of the building need extra calories to maintain room temperature; At the same time, the buildings within the area for the presence of fever (such as lighting, equipment, human body heat) and need to cool down. Water loop heat pump air conditioning units connectivity while outside the building area and within the area of ??water circulation loop, which can transfer waste heat generated within the area to the outside area external district heating, while cooling internal area, there is no conventional air conditioning system in the same case, the cold heat offset caused by the waste. When the buildings in need of cooling or heating, compared to the running costs of a water loop heat pump system with conventional air solar heat up to be reduced to about 50%. Compared to the expensive control wind, save the initial investment of the piping system.

The 2.2 control flexibility household metering and charging

Water loop heat pump systems are usually indoor equipment were installed in each room, according to the size of the indoor load. Users of each room based on the outdoor temperature changes and different requirements, ask at any time within a year, free to the regulation of heating or cooling in the room, without affecting the other room temperature. Water loop heat pump electricity to run separately measured solely on the basis of the actual use of the user. WLHP subregional use, do not use it without pay.