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The flow control valve and regulator valve directly connected series of high and low heating
2012-09-04 by seoer2

 With the continuous development of the national economy, regions of high-rise buildings are emerging. Heating of the high-rise building, used the following methods: set up a boiler and piping separately for high-rise buildings, the formation of a separate heating system, this method is safe and reliable, but the initial investment is too large to run The cost is also high. The second is a single of a heat exchanger for high-rise buildings, high-level system and the low-level system is cut off, which requires high temperature water or steam vapor source only economic heat source problem not been resolved. If you are using a low district heating systems, low-temperature water heat exchanger, the heating effect is not good. The third is to use a dual-tank system, that the establishment of a ton or two of several tens of tons of tank insulation in high-rise buildings and two specialized tank room, not only increase the project cost, and the high water tanks are beginning to dissolve the water cycle oxygen greatly increases the oxygen corrosion caused by the heating system, the same time, the circulating water flow into several times in the two tanks outflow, the heat losses are large.

    "Gas & Heat" 2005 issue 10 published an article "heating equipment for high-rise and low-rise built application, referred to in the text when the pressure increases within the energy release, the water level rose, automatic drainage of water from the siphon pressure relief pipe to flow into the water wells to ensure that the system does not overpressure people are clearly engaged in heating, water is a precious resource, as the water in the heating system, softening, deoxygenation, solar air conditioning system, and even more valuable. Therefore, the method presented in the paper is wasted heating water resources of drawbacks.

    This article describes a use of self-operated flow control valve and regulator valve directly connected in series to achieve a high and low heating. This method is mainly related to the following devices: pressure pumps, check valves, auto exhaust, decontamination, operated flow control valve, rotor pump regulator valve. Performance check valve operated flow control valve, regulator valve, automatic exhaust valve is the main equipment. As we all know, to ensure that high-rise buildings and low-rise buildings directly connected heating, must solve the following problems:

    1, pressurized pump district heating system can only be provided to the upper zone proper flow and pressure head, not excessive, the occurrence of the phenomenon of low zone grab water.

    2, the upper zone and lower zone running state or outage state, the high pressure of the high pressure can not be passed to a low area, affecting the safety of the lower zone, resulting in a low area radiator overpressure.

    3, high district heat consumers will be filled with water, not gas.

    Operated flow control valve functions are: to ensure the pipeline's constant cycle of water in the circulating solar air conditioner manufacturers meet, to eliminate redundant wealthy indenter.

    The function of the regulator valve is: the stable valve after the pressure of the set value, when the pressure increases in the valve after the automatic shut valve, when the valve after the pressure increases to the set value, the valve shut, after maintaining valve pressure constant.