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About solar air conditioning
2013-03-22 by seoer2

In the middle of summer, the air conditioning power consumption accounts for almost one-third of the power consumption of the entire power system, one of the reasons of the summer power system overwhelmed. Solar water heater manufacturersfrom the outset, has a lot of allure. Use of solar cooling and the general power refrigeration principle is the same, just the energy used, so bring some structural changes. Solar refrigeration variety of ways, such as compression refrigeration, steam jet refrigeration, absorption refrigeration.
The general use of solar thermal projects, such as heating, hot water, etc., in demand, in fact, with the provision of solar energy is not exactly the same: more people need when the weather gets cold, warm, solar energy is often insufficient to provide. From this perspective, the application of solar air conditioning is the most reasonable: when solar radiation is stronger when the weather gets hot, we need greater the air conditioning load. This is the most favorable objective factors for solar air-conditioning applications.
A variety of solar air conditioning technology, absorption refrigeration and photoelectric conversion of electrical energy to drive the refrigeration. Relatively mature technology lithium bromide - hydraulic qualitative absorption refrigeration, has been in a number of demonstration projects in some applications, the results are satisfactory. A wide variety of solar air conditioning technology maturity is different, thus the slow process of industrialization. But it is undeniable that the tilt of clean energy with the energy policy, the bright prospect for the promotion and popularization of solar air conditioning. Investment in solar air-conditioning project, occupy the pre-market industry to expand strategic decision-making.