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Advantages and applications of solar air conditioning
2013-03-26 by seoer2
Solar water heater advantages: high efficiency, energy saving, environmental pollution, energy saving, longevity and durability, and a smooth running of the compressor load operation, the use of more long-term. Healthy and comfortable, constant temperature, away from air conditioning disease. Instead of frequency, better than frequency conversion. Began energy-saving inverter air conditioner in the room temperature reaches the set immediately after the start of the solar air conditioners into the best condition, with very little power to achieve the same effect with conventional air conditioning. The application of solar air conditioning is the most reasonable, when solar radiation is stronger when the weather gets hot, we need greater the air conditioning load. This is one of the most favorable objective factors in solar air-conditioning applications.
Solar air conditioning use: solar air-conditioning system, taking into account both heating and cooling applications. The integrated office hug, guest houses, schools, hospitals, swimming pool, aquaculture, family, etc., are ideal application object. Winter and even the whole year is required for heating, domestic hot water, heating, swimming pool water fill hot temperature regulator. Summer cold world, is a central air-conditioning, solar hot water refrigeration. Currently, the countries of the world are stepping up the study of solar air conditioning technology. According to the survey, solar air conditioning system is being established countries and regions such as Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong. This is due to the air conditioning energy consumption in developed countries accounts for a sizeable proportion of the annual civilian energy consumption. The solar-powered air-conditioning system of conventional energy savings, protecting the natural environment has a very important significance.