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Air to water heaters set off a new round of water heater to replace the frenzy
2012-05-29 by seoer2
From meeting the basic bathing needs to tailor-made personalized products, prompted changes in consumer demand water heater technology, products escalating. Air to water heaters, consumer demand increased, the development of science and technology, derived from the product.
    Tiancheng marketing, general manager of Sun Shoukai told the author, prominent air to the water heater energy efficiency, heating the same volume of hot water than electric water heater to save more than 75% of the energy of the air to water heaters, gas water heater to save 50% energy than the solar water heater to save about 30% of energy. As the fourth generation of water heaters, air heaters can have a safe, low-carbon, energy-saving, comfortable advantage. Like a storm air heat pump solar powered water heater in 2002 before and after landing from southern China, Guangdong, quickly swept the schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, stadiums and other places, the home market, air to water heaters have sprung up everywhere for the industry look forward to. The new era also seize this opportunity for development, the rapid rise expand, start to appear around the shops of a new era of air to water heaters, store counter, the country has developed more than 300 agents.
    According to my sources, and now the people's living standards are getting higher and higher. The use of the water heater, new product segments as energy water heaters, air heaters can be developed in recent years, loved by the people quickly. It is understood that the 2011 air industry market share of around 5 billion. As more and more attention to the state environmental protection industry, air source heat pump water heaters will usher in new opportunities, and is expected to reach 7-80 billion by 2012. Overall, the air is able to usher in a rapid development in leaps and bounds.
    Conventional hot water equipment, enterprises do not survive and the embarrassing situation of development. The situation in most parts of the south of the Yangtze River, have gradually been rewritten. Air to water heaters into the market after the rapid formation of climate, vacuum tube solar water heater market an alternative to frenzy.