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that the revelation brought about by the rise of the water heater
2012-06-07 by seoer2
  Needless to say, the electric water heater water heater market in the future direction of development. With the rise of gas prices, and electricity, but instead keep dropped. Electric water heater that is safe to use, public health, without producing pollution. I believe the electric water heater market in the next few years, China will still show strong growth momentum, each manufacturer's product quality, technical level, the service specification will be rising, the price will fall. The rapid rise of the water heater, further indicates that in terms of the electric water heater products, safety, environmental protection, energy saving will be the focus of each electric water heater manufacturers and consumers are generally concerned and the pursuit of With the home conditions of the urban and rural residents has greatly improved, many families install two or even three electric water heater is not news. The huge market potential in the Chinese market to attract more manufacturers to the ongoing development and production of electric water heaters. Water heater manufacturers are optimistic about the eyes ahead of. Some even say, with the chinese solar water heater brands and product categories increased, will usher in the explosive growth in the next year or two. That is, the water heater manufacturers such publicity, the manufacturer of the traditional electric water heaters there are different views. Occupy an important market share in a storage-type electric water heater market, Haier and Ariston have said that the water heater market prospects are not very optimistic. However, since 1999, the Ministry of Construction issued a new national residential electricity standard, a new dawn for the water heater to further develop and market expansion. And the standards are merely minimum requirements, if consumers are buying is in the upscale residential, residential electrical circuits design specifications will be better than national standards. The current market situation, the high power of the water heater, the requirements of the quality of the internal variety of parts and manufacturing processes are also higher, resulting in its market retail price is too high. Its main consumer groups more than the pursuit of quality of life of young people and income, life is relatively affluent middle class population.
    For electric water heater products, security has always been one of the primary consideration of consumers in the purchase of electric water heater products. Under the premise of ensuring safety, improve the applicable rate and the penetration of electric water heaters, large-scale production, lower production costs, according to the temperature difference in and around the water quality of different consumers habits developed a more personalized and humane electric water heater products, I think it is an electric tube solar water heater manufacturer to be an important research subject, but also the electric water heater industry is facing new challenges.