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Solar water heaters in the water can not be heated to drink
2013-02-01 by seoer2

   Shanghai Ms. Zhang Q: A few days ago when the days heat my home solar temperature display shows the water temperature reaches 100 ° C. I think if in water heaters and drink, so that both energy saving and convenient, why do not we utilize it. Drink the water kettle burn, burn to 100 ℃'s hydropower solar water heater can not drink it?

Biological and Environmental Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology, Professor Pan Lili A:

The purpose of the heating water after drinking order to eradicate the bacteria in the water, so that the tap water is more hygienic, generally will wait until after boiling, i.e. boil will be assured drink.

But in fact, as long as the fresh tap water heated to more than 70 ℃ inside the bacteria can be killed, you can drink.

The heating kettle, water heater, water heaters solar, solar water heaters, whether drinking and tap water does not matter, in theory, fresh tap water is heated with a water heater can drink.

But in everyday life, why we do not drink the water heater heating water? This is mainly because, chinese solar air conditioner, or electric water heater has a water tank, used up the water stored inside, over time will breed bacteria before the boil water contamination. Such a case, the water will not drink.

In addition, even if the water heater water temperature to ensure 100 ℃, plastic outlet pipe is heated to release the poison can not be ruled out.