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water heater to buy install Raiders
2012-07-22 by seoer2

Of winter comes, the water heater into the season.
From a product point of view, the water heater market is basically staged a three war ": electricity, gas, solar, three water heaters are competing for market share. Electric water heater is divided into two kinds of hot and storage. Electric water heaters and gas water heaters, and more to go the way of sales of home appliance stores; solar water heater, walking is a building materials store channels.
Thermal storage type electric water heater, water heater, gas water heater, solar water heaters, in the end of the election Which water heater products?
Optional water heater attention to four aspects

Purchase Which water heater has become a headache for consumers with special requirements. After all, modern home decoration, plumbing go dark line, embedded in advance. If the preparatory work is not in place, the last can only be "will". Fully understand the characteristics of the above categories, the reporter found that buy water heater from the use of the characteristics, capacity requirements, aspects of home improvement style, the room features.
★ thermal storage type electric water heaters: best when the number of 40 to 80 liters capacity products sold on the market. If in the form of your home bath tub, population of at least three, then to choose this product, it is best to capacity and then a little bigger, 120 liters or so. Villas, living more populated, and bubble bath requirements, you can choose the capacity of larger, such as the product of about 190 liters. Now, brands and types of electric water heaters, but added quite a lot, and new technologies also trip from the time of purchase.
★ water heater: the same electricity, heating is that heat is an open water there to meet a steady stream of demand, and without much installation space, the size of the gas water heater. Here, although it can be instant heating, but if you have a bath needs, but also need to buy capacity, which can be heated at the same time, more water in front of the tube solar water heater water will not be waiting for change cool.
★ gas water heater: it is instantly heated, and also above capacity. In general, if the bath, and should choose 10 liters or larger capacity products. Have to consider before you use it, you want to use what kind of gas source.
★ solar water heater: its capacity is relatively large, a fairly in the bath, the requirements of users. Pay special attention to the time of purchase, because the solar water heater is not yet ripe for the various brands in different ways, so to measure the strength of the brand, so as not to fall into the awkward position of no maintenance.

Installation: first consider before renovation

Recently, a reporter on the side of consumers done a random survey. Found that many consumers did not bother to water heater installation, most of them just told the renovation workers to set aside before the renovation and the socket of the electric water heater, hot and cold water inlet and outlet pipes. In fact, many consumers do not understand, with the increasingly rich products also have a lot of attention to the purchase of the water heater. In particular, users with special needs, such as toilet installed bathtub, it would be well in advance of purchase and wiring work. After all, water and electricity in advance of modern home improvement, water pipes are pre-Buried.
★ Storage water heaters: In general, it is installed in the bathroom, shape, vertical and two horizontal. Because the storage, so its installation space requirements than the thermal and gas-like to a large. If your bathroom is relatively small, you can consider the use of hidden or semi-recessed installation method. But if you want to hide the installation, the water heater near the ceiling is made of the activities of the size of the water heater so in advance the amount of good to buy in order to check in the future. In another development, large-capacity thermal storage type water heater, you can have more installation options, such as mounted on the balcony. Now the water heater, mechanical, remote control and remote control, taking into account future changes in the installation and aesthetics, it is best embedded controller bottom box and line pipe.
★ thermal electric water heater: The water heater has the characteristics of power, far greater than the electric water heater, so the installation of the wire, with special needs, needs to be done specifically reserved.
★ gas water heater: First, to determine the source of its raw materials, ready to work accordingly to do the installation. To remind, the relevant national requirements, for safety reasons, gas water heater must be installed in the bathroom outside. Therefore, before the hot and cold water in the cloth to determine the location of the installation.
★ solar water heater: There are a lot of real estate to the top level by giving way to the top floor of the user, so if non-top floor of the user, may be installed, should consider carefully before buying residential property must first understand you allow the installation. In addition, the use of solar heating water, demanding prior piping layout, be sure to make a decision before the renovation, and professional installers site layout pipeline.

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