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On the water source heat pump technology waste heat utilization
2012-08-08 by seoer2

The energy saving is one of the basic national policy, to create benefits for the enterprise itself but also in energy saving at the same time, the choice of the weight of each of insight, most of our printing business side a lot of steam is used for average 15 ° C the dyeing water heated to 90 ° C to 130 ° C for dyeing. Discharge at the same time a large number of 40 ° C to 60 ° C hot water waste, use in high temperature water source heat pump units, consumption take a small amount of power, handling the heat of the waste solar powered garden lighting to process water, process water from the original annual average 15 ℃, elevated to the 65 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, thus greatly reducing the steam demand for enterprises to reduce costs, contribute to energy saving power. In this paper, Taiwan-funded enterprises in a weaving, dyeing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., for the application background analysis, design of energy-saving system, the use of contract energy management (EMC) to actually run.
    2, the system structure
    In high temperature water source heat pump heat recovery system, as shown, the main three parts: a heat pump unit uses high temperature water source heat pump units, SSDR-G-800IS2; two 60m3 double layer is not embroidered outline tank insulation; placement of waste heat recovery coil 3. waste heat pool.
    3, works
    First of all, the process water will be heated by waste heat recovery coil, free, 10 to 20 degrees temperature rise. Flow to the holding tank to be heated, water source heat pumps draw waste heat from waste heat in the water, 25 ° C water in the tank is heated to 75 ℃ to give the dye vat, may, according to the dyeing process requirements, and then steam heated to the desired process temperature
    4, application of the results
    Design parameters: the dyeing process temperature 98 ° C every day to be heated for 1000 t
    Pipe steam price of 227 yuan / ton, the average annual raw solar powered air conditioning  temperature of 15 ° C
    The name of the power consumption kwh / t unit price ($ / kw.h) costs ($ / kw.h)

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