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What is a heat pump
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 Heat pump domestic solar water heater base
  One, how to understand the "heat pump"?
    Give a simple example, automobile consumption of a few liters of petrol can be several tons of cargo from one place to another place, the heat pump unit from nature to absorb heat through the heat pump "porter" (acting-driven heat pump power), access can be used to production, the heat of life.

    Second, the heat pump are there?
    According to the different heat sources, heat pumps can be divided into air-source heat pumps, water source heat pump and ground source heat pump.

    Third, the heat pump water heater solar products?
    Broadly speaking, the heat pump units with conventional solar products, has a fundamentally different, mainly on the working principle: the conventional solar products must rely on sunlight direct radiation or radiation in order to achieve the heating effect, while the heat pump The unit mainly to absorb heat in the environment to achieve the effect of heating.

    Fourth, the heat pump unit according to what principles of mining hot?
   Designed to set a heat-absorbing medium - refrigerant heat pump unit equipment, it is less than minus 20 ° C in a liquefied state, the existence of temperature difference with the outside temperature, therefore, the refrigerant can absorb heat from outside, internal evaporation in the evaporator, vaporization, through the work of the compressor in the heat pump unit to increase the temperature of the refrigerant through the condenser, the refrigerant from the vaporization of the state into a liquefied state, releasing large amounts of heat during the conversion, transfer to the reserve water tank, so that rising water temperatures to achieve the purpose of the hot water supply, and this is the uniqueness of the product, the market potential of the grounds where.

    Heat pump units with a heat exchanger in the run-time must be electricity?
    To electricity, but power is only driven heat pumps absorb heat from the external environment, and release the heat out of heating hot water, rather than a conventional electric water heater solar as the electricity directly to heat water, so little power.

    The heat pump units What are the advantages compared with other heating methods?
    The heat pump unit heating: efficient, energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Flammable, explosive gas, electrical promote component, absolute security; without any waste gas, wastewater, waste residue, absolutely environmentally friendly, the annual average operating cost of the heat pump unit simply direct heating power of 1/4, fuel, gas heating / 3 to 1/2, 1/1.5 conventional solar.

    Seven, the initial investment and the recovery cycle, how?
    The first phase of the heat pump unit investment than oil, gas boiler is slightly higher, but because of its special energy-saving effect, usually within a year and a half through energy cost recovery, boilers and other heating method generally life of only five years, the life of the heat pump unit can be up to 15 years.

    Air heat pump unit power consumption is generally how much?
    Air to the thermal efficiency of the heat pump unit is generally 300% -500%, in order to calculate the temperature rise of 40 ° C, to produce a ton of hot water and power consumption of about 9-15 degrees. Ordinary electric heating power 52 degrees.

    Nine, the use and operation of the air heat pump hot water unit?
    Very easy to use, the entire unit using automated intelligent control system, users simply open the first use the power, after use, fully automated operation, automatic shutdown, user-specified water temperature is reached below the user specified water temperature when the system self switched completely to achieve 24 hours a day at the hot water without waiting.

    10, the winter low temperature, the heat pump unit is normally run
Course, air heat pump hot water unit with intelligent defrosting function to ensure stable operation of the unit in low temperature environment, according to multiple parameters of the outdoor environment temperature, the evaporator finned temperature and the unit operation time integrated, intelligent judgment automatically entry and exit of the box.

    XI, compared with conventional solar air heat pump units What are the advantages?
    The advantage is obvious, mainly in four areas:
    From investment: to achieve the same water supply effects, capital investment in heat pump water heaters are less than conventional solar products, and economic electricity and hot water reserves, the trough in the electricity system.
    From the use of: conventional solar products affected by the weather obvious, rainy days, snow days, the night will not work, heat pump water heaters regardless of cloudy, rainy, snowy day, night or sunshine can work as usual. 24 hours hot water.
    3, in terms of running costs, the conventional solar energy in the direct sunlight, almost zero-cost operation, Unfortunately, rain snow or at night can only rely on auxiliary systems, statistics show that the normal use of conventional solar assisted Annual consumption than heat pump units total power consumption can be high.
    Four other functions: the heat pump units regardless of location, can be placed anywhere, but a very small footprint, while conventional solar energy to achieve the same heating effect you need to take up a lot of room, you must also open-air display; The heat pump can produce air-conditioning unit in the hot water supply at the same time, can be used for auxiliary functions such as dehumidification, cooling and air filtration.

    12, the need often charging refrigerant?
   Do not. Air to the heat pump unit with refrigerator sealed parts delivered to users according to the quantitative filling refrigerant, user process without self-filling.