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Development trends of the Chinese solar air conditioning
2013-03-26 by seoer2
With the economic development and people's living standards improve, the growing demand for air conditioning. In general civilian buildings, empty adjust energy consumption accounts for more than half, to bring a lot of pressure to energy, electricity and the environment. Moreover, due to the traditional air conditioning freon has a destructive effect on the ozone layer in the atmosphere to accelerate the greenhouse effect, therefore, people have been looking for an "CFC-free air conditioning.
Solar water heater manufacturers is precisely to solve this problem, it basic without electricity, low running costs, no moving parts, long life,no noise. It is estimated that the average air conditioning year about 1920 degrees of power, we must consume about 768 grams of standard coal equivalent emissions1914 kg of carbon dioxide. The use of  solar air conditioner, which is equivalent to 1914 kg of carbon dioxide emissions a year. Further, a like the use of solar thermal projects, such as heating, hot water, etc., in demand, in fact, with the provision of solar energy is not exactly the same:when the weather gets cold, the more people need warmth, provider of solar energy is often inadequate. From this perspective, the sun can air conditioning applications is the most reasonable: when solar radiation is stronger when the weather gets hot, we need the air conditioning load more large. This is one of the most favorable objective factors in solar air-conditioning applications. Because they have these traditional air conditioning does not have excellent potential foreign enterprises in more than 10 years ago is already started research and development of solar air conditioning technology. It is understood, have been or are being built solar air conditioning system shall Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries. Thus visible, in the field of solar air conditioning is a backward stage, so we want to increase development efforts and strive in the solar the air-conditioned areas of a blue sky.
Compared to solar water heaters, solar air conditioning in our country is a new thing, but industry experts on solar air conditioning optimistic about prospects for Vice-Chairman of the Professional Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration refrigeration equipment, the successful development of solar air conditioning and industrial promotion and application, will effectively alleviate the power shortage in summer in China caused by air conditioning and refrigeration,thus the development of solar air conditioning will receive attention; deputy secretary general of the Chinese Association of Refrigeration, compared with conventional air conditioning the solar air conditioning has obvious advantages, significantly improved the utilization of the solar energy system and economy. Therefore, the future of the development of solar energy air-conditioning is promising.This is a promising advantages of solar air conditioning products. Development of new energy industries in the world, actively push move to the background of the traditional home appliance industry, green low-carbon transformation, the promotion and popularization of solar air-conditioning will be the trend of the times.