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thermostatic valve upgrade drive the development of solar water heaters
2012-06-11 by seoer2

Solar water heaters, energy saving, environmental protection, has been widely recognized, the use of the longer its advantage is more obvious, but with the improvement of the quality of people bathing, consumers are no longer satisfied in the "hot water", the pursuit of bathing convenience. comfort and safety. Solar water heaters not only the system itself is of good quality, but how to meet people bathing when the use of quality ", becomes a major issue in the majority of manufacturers before.

Solar hot and cold bath: big common problem of small problems

        In recent years, governments at all levels have introduced incentive policies to promote the popularity of solar hot water heaters, reducing air pollution. This solar water heater industry is a new opportunity. Solar water heaters, some problems have hampered the further development of solar water heater industry. At present, solar water heater installation do not like split air as convenient, not reached the degree of automation, TV, washing machine level, not in the use of gas water heater by these same electric water heater comfort.

        Yang Zhibin, thermostatic valve experts believe that solar water heaters in the actual use of the existence of hot and cold water pressure is too large, the slightest mistake will produce hot and cold water backflow; some users in the use of solar water heater, because the gap is too small The lack of hot water flow, had the hot water pipe on the road to install a booster pump and flow switch to control the opening and closing of the hot water booster pump. The drawbacks of doing so is: hot water flow hours flow switch does not start, the booster pump does not work, we must increase the hot water flow to start the booster pump and then slowly reduce the hot water flow to increase the water flow, adjustment to The bath water temperature. If the bathing process is the need to suspend the above process needs to start all over again; such as municipal pipe network-intensive water supply when water pressure changes caused by hot and cold bath water temperature is also very common phenomenon, there are a lot of solar water heater users reflect regulate the bath in the bathroom good balance is destroyed, the bath may be scalded when we re-regulate the water temperature at home in the kitchen, the water temperature, the rest of the family went to the kitchen with cold water, cold water pipes within the water pressure is suddenly reduced, prior adjustment water end and cause secondary interference. In full sunshine hot water temperature is high, solar water heaters is a security risk.

        Mixing faucet over the years of solar water heaters use only compatible products, it not only in hot and cold water pressure, hot water, the maximum temperature does not exceed 85 ° C environment. Single handle dual-control mixing faucet spool rely on plastic valve housing, the ceramic chip inside, the ultra-high temperature hot water causes the plastic valve shell deformation, the occurrence of the phenomenon of dislocation leakage of ceramic chip; almost all mixed taps are to follow the left hot right cold installation guidelines, you can see it as a "T" three direct links (on the left into the hot water on the right into the cold water below the mixed water), hot and cold water in the head-on collision on a straight line, then high-pressure cold water will impede the flow of low pressure hot water, the originally low pressure hot water flow is smaller, resulting in dynamic reflux.

Solar thermostatic valve: the widget function

Solar water heater due to objective reasons for the existence of such a common problem in the industry is to get recognized. People turn a blind eye as it is more difficult to resolve. Thermostatic valve expert Yang Zhibin: With the continuous development of solar water heater industry, but also to adhere to the solar water heater "people-oriented" concept, whether it is product or technology, as long as it is beneficial to the development of the industry should be bold and applications. Fell into the water-type solar water heater is equipped with digital display thermostat valve, so as to achieve security, water-saving, convenient and comfortable use, but also rich cultural connotation of the solar water heaters, energy saving, environmental protection, humane.

Thermostatic valve solar water heater accessories, its use so that the phenomenon of ultra-high temperature hot water output of the solar water heater completely terminated (mixed water output temperature of ≤ 50 ° C), to build a safety anti-scald protection system for solar water heaters; temperature adjustment valve saves consumers are used to adjust the hot and cold water mixing ratio, reducing water wastage, water-saving effect is obvious. Solar water heater users a set mixed water temperature, re-use, just gently open the water flow switch can output hot water temperature ± 10 ° C, solar thermostatic valve mixed water output temperature change ≤ ± 0.5 ° C to make up for solar water heater output hot water temperature is susceptible to defects in the sunshine, climate and other factors; new thermostatic control valve, changed the traditional mixing water valve phenomenon of hot and cold water hit the hot and cold water inlet angle was 90 °, high pressure cold water to drive the flow of low pressure hot water, cold water enters the hot water temperature to control the flow within the thermostatic valve, the top floor of the use of pressurized solar water heater do not have hot water booster pump can guarantee sufficient flow. Domestic solar water heater market applications, the end of the thermostatic valve as a solar water heater water equipment, simple operation, easy to use, improve comfort and safety of the use of solar water heaters.