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Solar water heaters will become the product of "home appliances"
2012-06-14 by seoer2

Solar water heaters will become the "home appliances" product "as needed" to determine. Well, from the need to look at the lives of farmers, now farmers need home appliances? TV has been used for entertainment, and receive information, the mobile phone to communicate with the outside world have used to reduce the labor of washing machines have refrigerators used to ensure food safety has also been Farmers need? Can be quite comfortable and very much love to wash on a hot bath, it is quite urgent. If the peasants use their color TV sets, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines is to improve the quality of life, then let the farmers to cultivate good habits of bathing, is a sign to improve the life of civilization.
If we are to solve farmers bathing difficult problem, the choice of water heater, an electric water heaters, a gas water heater, and the third is the solar water heater. The first two due to objective conditions there may be excluded. Safety and fuel economy needs, the country has been to achieve emission reduction targets tried various methods, due to the large power, the electric water heater should not be vigorously promoted, while in rural areas without natural gas, gas water heater should not be be included. non pressure solar water heater, energy saving and environmental protection has to reach a consensus, and many local governments have implemented a local policy to purchase solar energy to enjoy government subsidies, the current lack of national unity policy and subsidies, standards. It should be said that the inclusion of tube solar water heater in the ranks of home appliances to the countryside, whether it is from the needs of farmers, or energy needs, or will subsidies consensus should be a natural thing.
From another perspective, the energy crisis, power shortage, color TV, refrigerators, washing machines, these appliances have financial subsidies, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, solar water heaters but not be subsidized reasonable in the circumstances justified it.
If the solar energy, "the countryside"
If the next "home appliances" product is a solar water heater, the solar industry will produce what kind of impact? First look at the household electrical appliance enterprises are what kind of impact.
December 22, 2007, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce, will pilot in Shandong, Henan and Sichuan provinces, three provinces farmers can buy the limit of the production of household electrical appliances specifically for rural markets, can also receive a 13% financial subsidy. Refrigerator class 8 brand has been designated as the "home appliances" products. 8 brands and both are well-known brand. Enterprises with these brands are distributed in Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Anhui, Henan and other provinces. The gathering of the country the largest number of small and medium brands, Zhejiang Province, no one won the bid back to the early days, many companies face market pressures overnight, struggling to survive, and some even closed down to stop production. The home appliance manufacturer in Jiangsu Province is also facing the same predicament.
If the sun and the water heater to the countryside, then for the thousands of solar water heater business to compete in rural markets is vapid life, household electrical appliance enterprises shuffle Grand Theatre will be repeated in the solar business.
New As Xu, Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, chairman of the sun, rain, worried, Jiangsu People's Congress in 2007, suggestions that the solar water heater products are also likely to be included in a similar home appliances product subsidies directory if Jiangsu Province can not be the first step to supporting a number of potential on the scale of the enterprise, it is difficult to ensure that the plight of household electrical appliance enterprises like Zhejiang will not be repeated in Jiangsu Province, the use of solar thermal companies when not only the face of the brand competition across the country will be cents. advantage of the current good momentum of development will cease to exist. "
Solar energy companies a much-anticipated "Solar countryside
Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce promulgated the "home appliances to the countryside to promote the program of work requirements, the successful tenderer for home appliances should meet the following requirements: First, have a higher visibility and influence in the country, the higher the market share; energy efficiency and higher level of safety design, patterns, effects; meet national environmental standards; adapt to the rural consumption environment; quality and functionality for farmers to use; maintenance outlets is more than able to meet the requirements of the farmers after-sales service.
Control in accordance with these six criteria, can solar energy enterprises in the countryside a lot. Although solar energy has not been included in the countryside directory, but some solar energy companies have begun to quietly paving the way for solar energy to rural areas.
2008 years December 25, Haier solar energy to start the "rural base" strategy. The plan was established in 2009, 000 rural, that is, under the umbrella of the 5000 towns Shop, 5000 village-level focal points. Haier start "rural base" strategy is a certain background, shortly before the second phase of the "home appliances" tender results have been publicized, Haier Group has a total of four parts, the 15 series and products selected, the villagers buy Haier countryside products can be Enjoy 13% of government subsidies. Haier Appliances to the countryside program in 2009 to 380 000 villages, while the national total of 780,000 villages, Haier Appliances to the countryside plan to achieve coverage of 49% for rural. Haier solar "rural base" strategy is quite mean with the appliances to the countryside ".
Haier brand the current value of 8.0312 trillion yuan awareness in 34 markets up to more than 80%, with the implementation of the plan of home appliances to the countryside, the Haier brand awareness in the rural market will be getting higher and higher, although the solar water heater has not been included in the ranks of home appliance product, solar energy, which is part of the Haier family will certainly rely on the prestige of the Haier brand, take the trend of home appliances to the countryside, the achievements of encircling the cities and county of radiation in rural areas. If the solar water heater is also included in the home appliances products, Haier Group, the other four types of home appliances have been successful, solar water heater is part of the Haier brand is hard to say will not be the successful tenderer. Once the successful bidder, to be built in a 000 towns and villages in rural focal point in 2009, equivalent to have products sent to the doorstep of the farmers.