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Thunder do not have solar water heaters
2012-06-15 by seoer2
   Recently, some areas with heavy rains and lightning storms are frequent, and at the same time causing the flood, raging thunder and lightning also threatens the safety of people's lives. Meteorological department experts have warned that the lightning-prone season, the need to improve mine awareness, in particular to be alert to the safety of the indoor use of solar water heaters.
    Solar water heaters as energy-saving environmentally friendly products in recent years gradually consumer recognition and acceptance, but in the environment of thunderstorms, this water heater has hidden a serious security risk. For mining heat, solar water heater is usually installed on the roof height, but this makes the chinese solar water heater during a lightning storm more vulnerable to lightning attacks will not only result in the destruction of the solar panels, but also to make big thunder and lightning along the power lines , water conduits, etc. directly through into the room, so that the person in the room or appliances being struck by lightning.
    How to ensure the safe use of solar water heater during a lightning storm, experts draw attention to four points: First, the thunder and lightning when not to use solar water heaters; Second, we must for the solar water heater to install lightning protection devices (including the lightning rod, belt, cited effective protection within the scope of the wire, grounding device), so that the water heater in the lightning rod (with); again, the entire power line of the home solar water heater to take the shielding and lightning protection devices installed at the power switch power; Finally, the installation of lightning protection facilities good unit with mine construction quality construction.